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Last update
2021-04-18 17:16:44

    Feeling pretty fat 😁

    Fat guy showing off his gains. 😊

    XXL is my new size 😊

    Reblog if you want my belly to grow even more.

    When your belly sticks out of your shirt and you're proud about that. 😊

    Just achieved 100 kgs 😊

    Thanks for your support. 🙏

    Almost 100 kg now. 😊

    As you can see, my belly is always in the mood for food. 🍲😋

    Being lazy is the advantage of having a desk job. 😅

    Feeling bigger than ever 😁

    Looking outside while I'm gaining a bigger belly. 🍰😊

    Me eating and resting the whole day 🐷 Do you guys want an upgrade of my belly? 😈

    Feeling Fat, now 96 kgs, hopefully I will reach 100 soon. 😊

    Some jumps 😊 After eating 3 burgers, I think this is enough sport.

    Feeling Fat 😊

    Eating 3 burgers 🍔🍔🍔, vidéo available on Patreon.