Where's my Chub Dad?
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    - Oh, boy! I’m a bit tipsy and tired after all this wedding. Can you drive me home? Margaret will stay a bit longer... And I really need it.

    Roger and I met a few years ago. I used to live next door and looked after his kids every now and then. He and I used to talk a lot but he always avoided eye contact but when he did I saw his eyes spark and his lips smile on the edges.

    Once on the car, Roger untied, took his jacket off and unbottomed the top of his shirt. I saw his hairy chest coming out and for the first time he looked in my eyes while doing it. It was me who tried to avoid him for first time but I found it impossible to do. I was sober, still a tingle ran through my head and neck.

    - Let’s go - he said. And all of a sudden, I landed back on Earth. Roger was tapping my thigh. - You’re looking hot, Tony. I think the years are making you good.

    - Thank you, Roger. That must be something we have in common. - He never touched me before or hardly did. Roger was the type of man that would avoid contact if possible. I saw him smiling by the rearview and then looking outside the window. It was then when I noticed his hand was grabbing his bulge. It was at least Semi-hard and seemed very thick. His fingers were running up and down slowly and then the lights of a car driving our way blinded me.

    - Eyes on the road, boy. - He said with his deep voice.

    - Aye, Sir - I nervously responded.

    We got to his house. The garden had been trimmed recently and the air was nice and fresh. There were some crickets signing. Roger stepped down the car, thanked me and left. While he was walking up to his house I saw his rounded belly, nice ass and cheeky face. I thought to myself what a beautiful man. Then, I realised his jacked was still in the car and when I turned to shout at him he had already entered the house. I took it myself, went to the entrance and when I knocked the door I noticed the door was still open.

    - It’s you, boy? Come in!

    Roger was at the living room already preparing two glasses with Scoth on the rocks.

    - It’s the jacket, right? Sorry, I forgot. Please sit down for a while. This is a great bottle but I think the time is right for a little celebration. Don’t you? - Roger said while tunning some music in his old cassette, he loved it.

    - I must leave soon, Mr. Roger. Margaret will be back soon and I don’t want to disturb any of you. - I replied not knowing what to say.

    - She won’t be back, Tony. We don’t spend much time together these days. We waited for our daughter to get married but she’s been living on the other house for a while. - Roger had a little cottage in the country side that I had visited once in the past. Roger sat down on his couch with his legs wide open, right in front of me and looking right in my eye. His bulge was obviously rock hard and it looked thicker and larger than before. His hand rubbing it lighty. - I have learned a few tricks since we last saw. Wanna see?

    I swear…this man is absolute perfection. I sure wish I had more pics of him or knew who he was.
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    - Hey Papi. Let’s find out who wins a fight in the pool?

    - You’ll lose boy. See this muscles? They’ll keep your head down the water until you suck my dick

    - Stop the chitchat old man - says the boy who has no intention nor wish of fighting back