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but fuck it! its burning now sit back and enjoy the show.... maybe grab some marshmallows. I'm a male open to really everything.. wat ever tickels my fancy in the moment... if it say me it's me

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2018-03-27 03:02:28

    Super Sunday

    This year was setup to be nothing like last years party.  Husband decided with the new media room we have he was going to have a bunch of his friends over, which meant I had to stay home. Also the bad part was Ted and Jimmy was going to be over with all the other guys. I told hubby that I would no go downstairs and I would stay in the den and watch some movies we had.  As his friends started to arrive I would greet them at the door and then direct them downstairs.  Usually just a hug and kiss on the check, that was until Ted and Jimmy showed up. I greeted them at the door with a nice long kiss and hug the both managed to get a feel of my ass and my breasts. Ted then told me to make sure that I changed into a dress nothing sexy but something easy.  I looked at him and said “Yes Sir” then they went downstairs and I went up to my bedroom to change into a short blue dress nothing else.  I came back and sat on the sofa and started watching a movie.  About 30 minutes later I heard someone come upstairs it was Ted he came all the way down the hallway into the den.  He looked a me and told me he didn’t have much time he told them he had a phone call to make and walked over to the side of the sofa and said “Suck my cock now!” I string right up on the sofa and opened his pants and took out his cock it only took a few second in my mouth for him to get hard.  He got me on my knees and started fucking my mouth faster and faster.  He kept saying, “hurry my bitch unless you want your husband to see you sucking cock” the harder he fucked my mouth the more I took him down my throat.  As he as about to cum he stopped fucking my mouth and said ready to take my load bitch while your husband is down stairs?  I just gagged and managed to get out a yes sir and he shot his thick load down my throat. After he came he just zipped up kissed me on the forehead and went back downstairs.  I just laid there swallowing down his cum.  About 15 minutes later jimmy came up into the den and looked at me and said I heard this is where someone can get his cock sucked.  I looked at him and said Yes sir.  He moved over and sat on the sofa and I got down n my knees and started sucking his cock.  Jimmy comes pretty fast but he has a lot of cum and it very thick.  So it didn’t take long for him to cum in my mouth. After he came in my mouth he stood up patted me on the ass and said great a usual.  He then went back downstairs.  I went back to the sofa and actually feel asleep for a little while when I heard hubby come up to see how I was doing and told me it was halftime if I wanted to see the halftime show I should come down now.  I told him everything was great that I would watch it here and gave him a big kiss and even got my tongue in his mouth.  All I kept thinking was do you taste Ted cum when I kissed you.  I little while later Jimmy came up and told he was going home as he had to work early. He kissed me good-bye well I guess you could stay made out in the front hallway, taking my tits out so he could play and suck on them then getting fingers in my pussy. He took his finger out of my pussy and licked his finger and told me he will be stopping over at the store this one night this week.  I was so horny I actually went up to my bed and masturbated until I came twice. It didn’t help I was still so horny. A little while later 2 other guys left.  Then Ted came up to leave.  He came into th den and started kissing me and then put me over the arm of the sofa and started fucking me from behind. He fucked me hard and told me to be quite not to cum too loud or husband would here me.  He fucked me good and hard that I came on his cock a few seconds before he filled up my pussy with cum.    He turned me around and kissed me more and played with my tits and then he told me to make sure your husband eat that sweet pussy tonight and then if you left him fuck you remember he still cant cum in your pussy.  At the end of the night after everyone left I went downstairs to help husband clean up.  He was pretty drunk and horny by the time we go everything cleaned up and so was I. After we were done I sat on the edge of the pool table and pulled up my dress and said who wants to eat my pussy. He was in there with his face and tongue before I finished the sentence.  All I could think of was there was still little of  of ted cum in my pussy and that he better lick it all up. After I came on his face he stood up and took out his little cock and started fucking me on the pool table.  He doesn’t take long to cum and just before he came I said please shoot your cum all over my belly.  He pulled out and shot what little cum he has all over my belly. I took a finger and wiped it up and licked it off my finger and then scooped a little more and rubbed it on my lips and before he could say no I gave him a big kiss.  After the kiss I rubbed his little cock some and told him see you got a little of your cum off my lips.  He said that I kissed him to fast.  I told him that’s ok that he tasted it its our little secret.  We then went upstairs to bed.  The next morning I called Ted and told him what I did and he said that great it’s a start and you’re my good little bitch.


    Tumblr has introduced a new setting called ‘Best Stuff First’ that uses some messed up algorithm to decide what you see on your Tumblr feed. This setting is turned ON by default which means the posts that you view on your feed are no longer in chronological order. If you follow any NSFW blogs then you will see  less of their posts as with this ‘Best Stuff First’ setting turned ON then Tumblr will choose any ‘non adult’ posts as the ‘Best Stuff’ for your feed and any ‘adult’ content will be placed near the bottom of your tumblr feed. How do I know this is what’s happening? Well my blog is 99% NSFW and since this new setting was introduced my daily new follower count has dropped from an average of 250 per day to around 5 per day as you can see below.

    Also my ‘likes and reblogs’ average count has dropped from around 3500 per day to around 300 per day as you can see below.

    So obviously this new ‘Best Stuff First’ setting is hiding my posts from a hell of a lot of people who would have normally been able to see NSFW posts in the order they were posted and not have them hidden at the very bottom of tumblr feeds. 

    If you want to keep seeing posts from any NSFW blogs that you follow you should turn off this new setting. Go to your Global Settings, then Dashboard Preferences, then turn off the new setting. 

    Turn ‘Best Stuff First’ off so tumblr will stop deciding what you see on your tumblr feed. It is making people who take the time to create original content (including myself) extremely frustrated that our stuff is being hidden away. 

    Please don’t just ‘LIKE’ this post but instead please ‘REBLOG’ it to help spread the word about how this new setting is altering your tumblr feed and hiding all the awesome hot posts from many NSFW blogs. 

    Reblog and see if you get a color.

    PURPLE: We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.

    FUCHSIA: I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.

    GREY: You leave me with jumbled words.

    RED: I'm in love with you.

    PINK: I have a crush on you.

    TURQUOISE: You're hot.

    CHARTREUSE: I sincerely wish you would notice me.

    TEAL: We have quite a lot in common.

    BLUE: You are my Tumblr crush.

    ORANGE: I dislike your page.



    GREEN: I find you cute.

    BLACK: I would date you.

    BROWN: I dislike you.

    Ok...I'll play...

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