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    The the parameters of pie and salad are bull shit like anything inside of crust counts as pie like i could put just like a whole apple in some pie crust and thats pie, like a whole solid unseasoned apple in some un anythinged pie crust and and thats pie or like salad like salad is really like anything in a collection really usually with lettuce or something lettuce like but like you don't have to, like i could put a bunch of arcade toys in a bowl with some soap and be like here's your arcade salad with soap dressing and that just counts as salad. You could put a handful of mozzarella sticks and a steak in a pie crust and thats pie but also like you can put like just sugar sauce in a pie crust and thats also pie

    Racism and transphobia are so damn prevalent in the LGBTQ+ community, and it's time y'all start doing something about it. And by y'all, I mean White, cis queers. I'm tired of White, cis queers sitting by doing nothing while your Black, brown, and trans siblings are out here suffering! Without us, you wouldn't even have this community, and yet... you still don't care. Y'all don't care about us, and you never have. Instead, you continue to perpetuate racism and transphobia in this community by straight up ignoring it or by being racist and transphobic yourselves! I'm fucking tired of it!!!

    Call out your White, cis counterparts for their bigotry! Unlearn your biases and educate yourselves! Fight for your trans siblings and queer siblings of color! Stop speaking over us and for us! Uplift our voices! Support us! Treat us and view us as equals for once! This community is for ALL of us, dammit, and it's way past time that y'all start acting like it.

    <>If you're queer and White and/or cis, you should reblog this post. Stop being complicit in the racism and transphobia in this community.

    If You Are Against Pedophilia Reblog This

    So I just had a huge argument with my parents in defense of trans people. They told me that by defending trans people and gay people, I’m defending pedophilia. I asked them “how does that even correlate?” And they told me that soon pedophilia will be legalized. And I was like “that’s bullshit” but I didn’t say that out loud. So I looked it up. And apparently there’s an article about people who are gonna justify pedophilia as a sexual orientation? If you are not ok with pedophila can you please reblog this so I can show my parents how many people are against it?