the ONLY time an m/f romance feels truly, genuinely earned is when the girl is actually a powerful demonic creature with an insatiable hunger for revenge and the guy is a softboy thief with a ั•hitty dad and a kind heart and youโ€™re not even sure if she wants to romance him or if sheโ€™s plotting his downfall until she starts displaying symptoms of Tenderness.

    exhibit a

    exhibit b

    Yet again the first month in my journal after new year is March.

    Also this week suddenly it was 20C outside after few weeks of cold and snowy weather and people reactions were very polarised, they either stayed in full winter attire or decided itโ€™s time for shorts and flip-flops lol. I took the opportunity and went roller blading and apparently I need to get back on my medication because allergy season is already here ๐Ÿ˜”ย