I reblogged this last month, tagged it, and said “might as well see if it works.” I used this video as a reference to find all the forms that i needed (which is A LOT, especially if you’re a dependent) and sent them through the mail, not really allowing myself to hope.


    $2,714 of medical debt from my top surgery - gone. im shaking this was such a weight on me for 2 years and it fucking worked. what the fuck.


    I used to work in patient billing and can confirm most hospitals will have these programs. Depending on the hospital, it changes how much they will write off. For example, one of the hospitals I worked for would write everything off except for $200. Then you could put it on a payment plan if needed. We once saw a bill for over $300,000 go down to $200. The patient cried on the phone with me as the weight lifted off of their shoulders. So if you need help, please please please look into these options!

    However, each place is different. Just a few things to look out for in each hospitals policy:

    Can the FA be applied to all services in your outstanding bi or just one?

    Does the FA work backwards for the entire year and cover services and bills you may have already paid for? (Sometimes they do and you can actually get a refund!)

    If you have any additional services provided after the FA is approved, will those be written off as well?

    Is the FA option limited to a certain amount of times? (Sometimes hospitals will limit FA to once a year, just be sure to double check and be aware if you think you are going to incur more bills)

    If you do not fall under the poverty line, do they still offer a partial FA? (Some hospitals will write off a percentage of your bill instead of the full intended amount if you make a little more over the poverty line)

    These are some important questions for hospitals and bills in the US. Unfortunately I do not have much knowledge on other countries billings…


    employees should be allowed to steal, actually


    idk. yesterday was a slow day and at the end of it, I still stared into a cash drawer, one of three, that had more than my rent in it, even if you only count the 20s. I spent a lot of that day trying to calculate in my head how many hours of work equal one pair of pants, let alone how many hours of work equals the fun thing I want to do next month.

    I feel a cough coming on, because I work in a drug store, and all of my customers are sick. I always feel a little bit sick, now. I can’t afford to eat well enough to keep my body healthy. Cough medicine is worth two hours and 20 minutes of work. Our store probably bought a case of cough medicine for they price we’re selling one box. If this cough gets worse, I might have to call out, which will cost me more than the medicine in the long run- but that doesn’t give me the money to buy the medicine right now. I stock a case onto the shelf. I don’t buy any.

    A mom wrangling three crying, sick kids enters my line and sets two types of children’s medicine down, says they’re both on sale and thank god for that. I ring her up, and she gets very quiet, because she misread the sign, and her total is twice as high as she was expecting. Her youngest screams in the cart, because she’s burning up with fever. Her mother very quietly asks, please, she’s so sorry, if I could please take the more expensive one off her total.

    I agree, I move the box below the counter, and when she’s not looking, I slip it into her bag. I pray as hard as I can that if she notices the “mistake” she says nothing, because I so desperately want her to have that medicine. The store has lost profit at the cost of a child’s health. I don’t bat an eye. This is a terminable offense. If I’m presented with the same situation tonight, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

    The myth of evil employees stealing from the company falls apart the second you realize the company would shoot you dead to make a profit. This isn’t two equal players, one of whom is stealing from the other. This is someone fighting for survival versus someone fighting to make an extra million. It’s not equal.

    Employees should be able to steal, actually.


    And that “stealing time” bullshit? Trust if they could chain you to your workstation and throw away the key, they would.


    amazon’s entire schtick is to run other businesses into the ground by undercutting prices then ruling over their peasant customers. 


    FedEx just refuses to deliver to my house. It’s too rural. They just won’t do it. The USPS is gutted. If I need supplies or food or any emergency anything, am I going to risk the package being destroyed or never getting to my house, or grit my teeth and go with the chaotic evil monsters who will nonetheless give me the food or medicine I need? 

    And guess what? Amazon is directly and indirectly responsible for both the state of FedEx and the state of the USPS. They were allowed to create a monopoly and they were PREPARED for the further gutting of the USPS we’ve seen in late 2020. In my rural area, with a pandemic on? I think people don’t understand what I mean when I say I have no choice sometimes, the same as I have no choice but to buy Comcast internet even tho it’s overpriced and unreliable. 

    It. Is. A. Monopoly. By. Design. We’re being given no choice. The solution isn’t to attack the consumers; it’s to force the government to undermine the company and to actually support its citizens with things like the USPS. 


    Ethical consumption is a luxury afforded to the rich.

    Honoring the lives lost in the Atlanta shooting

    Xiaojie 'Emily' Tan, 49

  • Tan, 49, was the mother of Jami Webb, a recent graduate from the University of Georgia. She was a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Young’s Asian Massage, along with other businesses in the area, including another spa and a tanning salon, according to state records. She was “the sweetest, most kind-hearted, giving, never-met-a-stranger person,” a friend told Atlanta’s WSB-TV. Just one day away from her 50th birthday when she was killed, according to USA Today, Tan was described by her daughter as thoughtful, devoted to her family, and looking forward to traveling in her retirement.
  • Hyun Jung Grant, 51

  • Hyun Jung Grant was a Korean immigrant who worked at Atlanta’s Gold Spa. Her son Randy Park, 23, shared a tribute to his mother on GoFundMe: He said his mother was a single parent who “dedicated her whole life to providing for my brother and I.” She loved dancing and sushi, according to Park, who told The Daily Beast, “She wasn’t just my mother. She was my friend.” Park, who now has to raise his brother alone, is not buying law-enforcement officials’ suggestion that the attack was motivated by a supposed sex addiction, not racism. “That’s bullshit,” he said.
  • Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez, 33

  • Yaun Gonzalez, 33, was a mother of two — 13-year-old Mayson and 8-month-old Mia. She had worked all day on Tuesday at the Waffle House a few shops down from Tan’s spa business. She had been looking forward to having a relaxing night out with her husband, Mario Gonzalez, whom she married only last year, and the couple had reportedly never been to Young’s Asian Massage before. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, family members say that Mario Gonzalez, who survived the shooting, is “taking [the situation] hard.” Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez’s friends and family have set up a GoFundMe to address her funeral costs.
  • Paul Andre Michels, 54

  • Michels, 54, was a handyman at Young’s Asian Massage and the owner of an electric company. He was only recently hired for the role and excited to take it on after looking for more work during the pandemic, according to a friend who spoke with CBS46. An army veteran originally from Detroit, Michels is one of nine siblings and is survived by his wife of more than two decades. In an interview with the Guardian, his brother John Michels emphasized his kindness. “He was just a regular guy, very good-hearted, very soft-natured,” he said, while noting that Michels had expressed an interest in getting involved in the massage business.
  • Yong Ae Yue, 63

  • A licensed massage therapist, she was laid off at the start of the pandemic last year and was excited to finally start shifts at the spa again, her son Elliott Peterson, 42, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday morning. Yue’s youngest child, Robert Peterson, 38, agreed, recalling their mother as a kind and deeply caring woman. If you stopped by her house, she’d sit you down, ask if you’d eaten, and then insist on a trip to H Mart grocery store so she could make a meal.
  • Daoyou Feng, 44

  • Daoyou Feng, 44, began working at Young’s Asian Massage in recent months, according to Tan’s friend Hynson. She was kind and quiet, he said. Her relatives could not be reached for comment.
  • Soon Chung Park, 74

  • Soon Chung Park, 74, was also a worker at an Atlanta spa. Her family didn’t respond when reached for comment. Park previously lived in New York, where she has relatives, her son-in-law, Scott Lee, told the New York Times. “She got along with her family so well,” Lee told the newspaper.
  • Suncha Kim, 69

  • Suncha Kim, 69, worked at one of the spas in Atlanta. Her family could not be reached for comment. Kim, a grandmother, was married for more than 50 years, a family member told the Times. She enjoyed line dancing and worked hard, the relative said.
  • Elcias Hernandez-Ortiz, 30

  • Hernandez-Ortiz, 30, was the only survivor of the victims who were shot on Tuesday, and he remains hospitalized for multiple gunshot wounds in his “forehead, throat, lungs and stomach,” according to the Washington Post. He was shot while standing outside in the shopping center where Young’s Asian Massage is located. “He came from nothing and has come a long way; that is why I have faith he will survive this,” his wife Flor Gonzalez told the Washington Post. Gonzalez has also set up a GoFundMe to help with the costs of Hernandez-Ortiz’s medical care.
  • a friendly reminder that microaggressions against asians can also look like this:

  • pretending to gag at asian food
  • pretending to be weirded out by asian customs and cultures
  • excusing cultural appropriation (often through ignoring the stories of asians who have been mocked for wearing their ethnic dress while praising a white person for doing so)
  • not trying to learn how to pronounce an asian person's ethnic name correctly, or asking, "can i call you by something else?"
  • adopting an asian name for the ~aesthetic~
  • using the words "oriental" and "exotic" to describe asian people, particular asian women
  • ignoring the experiences and stories of south, southeast, and central asians
  • making sweeping assumptions about asian countries (including their political, historical and cultural landscape)
  • treating the entire asian community as a monolith and ignoring the fact that the experiences of asian nationals are remarkably different from the asian diaspora/migrant community
  • co-opting asian aesthetics into creative media without acknowledging their history
  • belles--rose

    Maddie Ziegler didn’t even want to take the title role in “Music” at first, and she cried and had emotional breakdowns repeatedly when filming because she was afraid that Autistic people would think she was making fun of them.  Sia. Basically pressured her into taking the part and going through with it. So on top of everything else, the main actress was manipulated and exploited as well (especially since Maddie was 15 I think when they filmed it). Just gross all around.


    It’s true. Fuck Sia. Trash human.


    maddie was 14 during filming [x] and sia started planning music around her when she was only 12 (contradicting the claim that she originally tried to hire a neurotypical actor to play the lead). [x] but we really need to talk more about the very intense and dependent relationship sia has with maddie, starting from when sia was 40 and maddie was 12:

  • sia stated that she “can’t do a project without [maddie] and “wouldn’t make art if it didn’t include her" [x]
  • maddie has been said to have slept in sia’s bed on multiple occasions when she was 12 [x]
  • maddie stated when she was 15 that she “lived with [sia] more than i have with my actual family" [x]
  • sia has been referring to herself as maddie’s “sister” and “bonus mom” since maddie was 13, and has admitted to having control over maddie’s career, public image, and even her security team [x]
  • maddie is sia’s employee AND a child. this is not an even power dynamic.


    here’s a video that mentions these and more in regards to sia and maddie. (link)

    everything here is very concerning and there’s no way that this kind of interacting between an adult and a child is healthy.


    Fun Fact! Two Weeks Notice is not a REQUIREMENT in any sense of the word. It’s a nicety. A polite gesture, and only polite for the MANAGEMENT because THEY want time to find someone to replace you. They cannot withhold your last paycheck if you refuse to give two weeks notice, and they cannot force you to work the two weeks. Additionally, they cannot report that to any future employers who call them regarding your work history. In fact, they’re not allowed to comment on your performance AT ALL! Legally they are only allowed to confirm that you were an employee during the dates you list - anything else and they open themselves up to civil lawsuits in which they can be sued for damages for any number of reasons. So fuck Two Weeks Notice. if you work for a fucked company, they deserve to get fucked in return.


    If you ever feel bad about not giving two weeks' notice, or like you're being unprofessional/unfair, think about this: If your boss fired you, would they give YOU two weeks' notice? Or would they have you escorted out of the building then and there? Anything they don't owe you, you don't owe them. Fuck 'em.


    Simpsons gift of prophesy 


    I don’t really see the problem though? What was Cruz supposed to do? A Senator can’t really do anything in his state.


    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised over $1 million for the people of Texas. Beto O’Rourke used phone banking to call over 200,000 senior citizens and checked on their welfare. Neither is a current member of the government representing the state of Texas. “He can’t do anything” is bull shit. 


    And the problem is that he and his family were stuck in the same exact position as millions of other Texans with no power and water and food, and instead of doing what the average person is forced to do and tough it out, he booked three nights at fucking resort in Cancun and tried to slink away without being noticed because he’s a privileged white ass hole who has no understanding of what it’s like to be an average American. Because an average American cannot just decide to go to Cancun because they’re cold