BEWARE OF DOG. Avoid him at all costs.
Angel demon angel.

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2021-12-03 23:02:38

    I have learned to love what lies behind the hills. It’s a place of many beauties, where the sun dances foxtrots with the clouds and the trees murmur promises in sussurus– that I might hold the stars on my lap, sing lullabies to the moon, run my fingers through the silky hair of night– all this if I just step over the crest– but I do not climb. It is forbidden to go there; I know this, and I need it to be true. It’s safe to want what you will never have, to pour your ache into the hollow over the hills. when I crave the impossible I settle into a nest of need and watch the horizon, distant and warm, and forget the way the too-close night will chill.