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2017-03-29 23:05:59

    Working from Home

    Work has been crazy today. I’ve been on non-stop calls since shortly after 6AM, passively listening to other calls on a second line and working furiously on the side. It’s just one of those days. I wasn’t planning to be on Tumblr but I thought I’d post this update. 

    I heard my wife come in the back door a little bit ago. I walked into the kitchen to see what was up, phone in hand and going on and off mute with one earphone still in. I learned that instead of going to work she had met up with a guy she knows for a morning date. Neither of them had the time for a hotel, so they traded oral sex in the back of her SUV. 

    Apparently she met him near his office and then they drove to the back corner of a parking lot and got in the back. He pulled off her yoga pants and ate her pussy to orgasm. In return, she sucked his cock until he came down her throat. About 20 minutes later she was in our kitchen, making a sandwich for work and giving me a hasty update while I listened to people drone on about budget issues. 

    She just left for work for real. And I’m still on these stupid calls. 


    Where do you two find others to join? We're currently looking for another female to join us.

    Join an adult dating service that caters to this sort of fun. Fair warning -- it's hard enough to find single guys. Single ladies? There's a reason single women are called "unicorns."


    Hello, Would it be possible to send me a link to "Our story"? I click on the link in your profile and it takes me right back to your posts. Thankx, Rauck. P.S. Very Hot!!!!

    Thanks for the note! Try the following link:http://iloanmywife.tumblr.com/ourstory/Alternatively, search on our blog for posts tagged with #ourstoryFor our personal pictures, look for posts tagged with our blog name: #iloanmywifeI should go back and tag the myriad responses to "advice" asks, but right now the only way to find them is to go through the archive.


    My favorite dream is that my wife tries a Golden Shower with her lover and I can secretly watch her enjoying it. Do you have any experiences with Golden Shower?

    It’s not our thing so we don’t reblog that kind of content on this blog. Still, in the interest of fully sharing our experiences with our followers I’ll tell you that she’s done it, but I wasn’t there to watch. 

    We were playing with a new guy for the first time. He was nice enough, but he was having some trouble staying hard. To take some of the pressure off of the situation, I left the hotel room to get us some some beer from the store down the road. 

    My trip ended up taking a lot longer than I expected. The first store that I went to was closed so I had to go farther than I intended. Then I got turned around in traffic, one of those situations where I had to make like a dozen left turns to get back to the hotel. That was a weird feeling. The whole time I was painfully conscious that my wife was in a hotel room with some guy we just met. When I got back my wife was just out of the shower and drying off and the other dude was partially dressed.

    We drank a few of the beers and chatted for a while, but it looked like they were “done” for the night. So…I didn’t get laid, which sucked. 

    She filled me in on the car ride home. After they had finished fucking she went, still naked, to the bathroom to pee. While she was sitting on the toilet he walked in and stood in front of her. She thought he wanted her suck him hard again, but Instead he just starting pissing on her as she was in mid-stream herself.

    I asked if it had turned her on and she replied with an abrupt “No.” It did nothing for her, except cover her in urine. She didn’t freak out, but I don’t think she knew what to do. She just quietly indulged him until he finished and then stepped into the shower. To be honest, I would have loved to have seen the look on her face as she sat there in stunned silence. 

    We did not see him again.


    I really like your tumblr, so thanks for sharing. Has your wife always been willing to fuck and suck other guys, or did it take some encouragement from you? I really want my wife to spread her thighs and lips for other men. She knows I want her to fuck and suck other guys, but so far, she won't. Do you have any advice for me?

    Start here: http://iloanmywife.tumblr.com/ourstory/There's also a link to our "backstory" at the top of the blog. Overall, my advice is to begin slowly. One of your first steps should be to share your fantasies with her during sex, and find out what her fantasies are as well. Maybe she has some kinks of her own that she wants to share with you. For my wife, it was me doing the dishes and such. You're probably thinking "Lol," but helping around the house is approximately 1 billion times more effective than flowers for getting a married woman in the mood. Shit gets done and then the panties drop. Anyway, if she's receptive to your hotwife fantasies in bed then you can take the next step to reality. But first she has to enjoy the very idea of being shared. Let me know if you get that far.


    Did Frank from the hotel read your blog?

    Lol, I doubt it. We didn’t tell him about the blog. I just thought it would have been funny if he ever stumbled across that post and confirmed his suspicions. Maybe my wife and I should carry calling cards with our blog information, to discreetly hand out in certain situations. 

    Actually, I sometimes wonder how many of our followers know us in real life. We know of a few, but I wonder if there are others.


    So recently i had a dream where my wife hooked up with her hung ex-boyfriend. He took her from behind and came deep inside of her. She ended up falling pregnant to his huge cock. This dream aroused me to no end. I can't get it out of my head. I want so very much to let my wife take him again and let him come inside of her while shes fertile. It would be so erotic. And i know she would. She loved fucking him so much back then. What do you and your Mrs think?

    That's fucking disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself......is what normal people would say. Here on a blog about wife sharing, breeding is a reasonably common, if extreme, sexual fantasy. That said, you'll probably want to leave impregnation fantasies in the fantasy realm. Kinky, but not for real. Does your wife know you want to share her with other men?


    Does she/you two play with another based on attraction and desire or does she prefer men who are larger endowed than you? What goes into your equation with play partners?

    Good question. She has to be physically attracted to him. He has to be (very) hung. And she has to like the guy as a person -- to want to be around him and share herself with him. So there’s quite a filter. Cock size is really the first filter, since it’s easier to quantify. That way I can do the initial screening process for her. Of those guys who are exceptionally well-hung, she decides whom she’d like to fuck just like any other woman does when she dates. She gets to know him, decides if there’s a connection, and we go from there.

    When she meets guys on her own, I have no influence at all on the process.

    Absolutely love you guys!

    First off, you guys are fantastic. Both of you are stunning, especially your wife. I masturbate and cum twice a day at least, and I visit your tumblr twice a day at least. Its not a coincidence. Your relationship turns me on so much, that my whole body vibrates with excitement viewing your pics or reading your posts. Having a hotwife is my number 1 fantasy and you guys are the picture perfect version of the one I want. Everyone has a different version of how they want to be cuckolded or hotwifed, but yours is the one that fits me the best. It fits me so well, that I am using your experiences as a model for my wife, who has yet to be turned into a hotwife. She is so close to turning, with understandable hesitation, I hope one day to create the relationships you guys have. So thank you and keep posting, because there are many of us there, cheering you on, and creating something out of your love and experiences. 

    - Thank you! This submission made our day!


    Are you allowing your husband to cum in your mouth now? Or is that only for your lovers? You are a very beautiful lady and your hubby (and lovers) very lucky.

    I’m answering on behalf of my wife, since she doesn’t answer these questions very often. 

    You’re talking about the following post:


    It’s not really an “allowed” or “not allowed” thing. I could cum in her mouth if I got upset and insisted and made a big thing about it. But I know that it really turns her on every time I DON’T cum in her mouth. And I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t permanently drive me wild as well. I don’t know why this is her kink, but it really is, and that makes it hot for me too. It’s the one thing she keeps from me.

    It’s like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. If he ever kicks it, the joke’s not really funny anymore. Yeah, Lucy’s kind of a bitch for it, but I’m always glad when she pulls the ball away. 

    Which of the following sounds hotter?

    I cum in her mouth. Yes, if I made a big deal about it and threw a tantrum, my wife would begrudgingly let me cum in her mouth and then swallow it because I guilt-tripped her into doing so. Or...

    ...I don’t. Every time my wife sucks my dick, just when I get close, she lets my semen spurt abortively to the floor, or on my stomach, or into a tissue. She doesn’t “ruin” my orgasm (usually), but she jacks every last drop to it’s futile conclusion anywhere that’s not in her mouth. Neither of us have to say anything about what’s happening and we usually don’t. We’re both silently conscious that other men, including some she she met once and never saw again, have orgasmed directly into mouth and down her throat. It’s not an exclusive club, but I’m still not a member. That drives my wife inexplicably, deviously wild. It’s enough to get me hard again when I watch her casually wipe my semen off the hardwood floor and throw the towel into a hamper. 

    Charlie falls flat on his back, again. 


    I love your page! My wife and I haven't been in the lifestyle for a while now but the handful of times we did were amazing. How do you suggest getting her back into it?

    Thanks so much for the nice note. 

    At the risk of sounding flippant, have you talked with her about it? Start with sex talk, and see if it takes. Try talking about what she liked and didn’t like about it when you previously played. I think we men tend to focus on ourselves, even when we think we’re focusing on our wives. We usually fame our talk with some variation of the “You looked so hot when we did that” theme. But how did she feel? 

    How does she feel about herself? Has anything changed since you last played? Maybe she recently had kids, or she’s not getting to the gym as much as she wants, or her work life is running her down. Stress or self-consciousness are buzzkills. Make sure she feels as gorgeous and wanted as she is and she’ll be far more likely to want to play again. 

    If she really doesn’t want to play right now, or even ever again, at least you have those “handful of times” to fuel some awesome and kinky pillow talk with your wife. That’s really what it’s all about anyway, so I’d say most men with these fantasies would envy you already. Let me know how it goes!