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2023-11-27 12:48:50

    What are some normal every day activities that you get winded/out of breath doing because of your size and weight?

    What is the biggest turn on of being as large as you?

    That list gets longer every day 😮‍💨😈….

    -picking something off the floor feels like a real chore, sometimes I have to just leave it.

    -certain exercises are out of the question: no leg presses, and I can only do squats from a sumo stance.

    -any amount of walking over 5 minutes has me panting and I move slower now.

    -Lace up shoes are getting phased out for ones I can slip on.

    -where I used to force feed, now my body demands food every 2 hours, my appetite has gone nuts.

    -putting on a seat belt has gotten surprisingly difficult.

    Biggest Turn Ons 😏:

    -feeling this tank stretch out your shirt in front of you.

    -Guys giving you belly rubs.

    -Having to let out my weight belt another notch for the 2nd time this month