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2018-10-25 17:29:54

    I recently stopped taking my birth control and I've gotten so horny. It's like I need to be used and fantasized about constantly. I've started chatting to men behind my boyfriend's back. I've even made a date to meet up with an older guy that I've been talking dirty with and I'm not sure about going. What's your advice?

    Sounds like you’re already taking my advice.


    There was this older guy I used to fuck in college who used to always ask me to stop taking the pill because he loved the idea of getting me pregnant. I didn't like that at the time so I stopped seeing him, but now I can't stop thinking about him and his warm cum filling my pussy. And how he used to use me and take what he wanted. I just can't stop thinking about it..

    It’s a hot natural fantasy, where you sometimes want to just forget about the consequences. I’ve done a lot of pretend breeding, where the lady is safely on birth control, but she just pretends she isn’t. But the sensation doesn’t quite compare to when we both know she’s not on any contraception. It’s raw and deliciously dangerous.

    It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve checked in here! Life had me by the short hairs for a while, but in a good, motivating way. Now that things are settled back into a routine, I’m inspired to get back into making very bad things for this blog. I really appreciate all the people who messaged me even while I was gone for months. Some of my entries seemed to have really taken off, which is super awesome. I missed chatting with some of the fans who love to write.

    Also, speaking of, I shut down my Kik for a while, but it’s back for anyone who wants to message me: rhettyjames

    I don’t really roleplay. I just talk about stuff in a real life context. Not interested in fake fantasy-story chats or dudes who want to pretend they’re girls. Thank you, though!

    Good to be back.


    Do you make your own captions? Great blow btw

    I do! All the stuff that isn’t indicated as a reblog is stuff I’ve made when I’ve had the urge and the time. It’s slowed down a lot as I wait for more flashes of inspiration, but still. Thank you.