Aquaman & Green Arrow: Deep Target #1

    NEW PROJECT FROM DCCOMICS! Aquaman and Green Arrow will team up in a seven-issue limited series entitled Deep Target that will begin Oct. 2021!

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    The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction (2019)

    Singular visions of the future that will thrill, amuse, startle and intrigue

    On an ordinary morning, the citizens of Karachi wake up to find the sea missing from their shores. The last Parsi left on Earth must find other worlds to escape to when debt collectors come knocking. A family visiting a Partition-themed park gets more entertainment than they bargained for. Gandhi appears in contemporary times under rather unusual circumstances. The arrival of aliens with an agenda on a railway station in Uttar Pradesh has unexpected consequences. A group of young scientists seek a way to communicate with forests even as the web of life reaches a point of collapse. A young girl’s personal tragedy finds a surprising resolution as she readies herself for an expedition of a lifetime. These and other tales of masterful imagination illuminate this essential volume of new science fiction writing that brings together some of the most creative minds in contemporary literature.

    by Ed. Tarun Saint (Editor); Foreword by Manjula Padmanabhan (Author)

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