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    Well, one teacher is pissed.

    <>Not pissed<>...

    <>The teacher has provided a very thoughtful analysis of issues that must be addressed BEFORE we can SAFELY reopen PUBLIC SCHOOLS. <>


    I’m just going to jump on here because this is my families reality at the moment. My mother is a high school theatre teacher and has been teaching for the last ~30 years.

    One of the big things my state has been championing for going back to school is using larger rooms such as theaters, gyms, etc.

    My mother’s Theater seats 120 people, which is on the bigger side for a public high school. Here is what that 6 feet apart looks like in the seats.Each white X marks a seat that cannot be used. The blue post-its are where they can.

    16 seats. Out of 120. We measured the stage as well, to try and find room for kids to sit on-stage. 15 seats. This is one of the biggest rooms on the campus, not including the gym. 30 students, not including the teacher.

    Average class size in her school before the pandemic started is 35 at the lowest. I’ve been in high school classes that range closer to 45.

    There is an extremely confusing schedule still being hammered out that would involve class sizes being shrunk and finagled around, the semesters changed to quarters etc. etc. The expectation is that the teachers will sanitize their classrooms between the classes. Which is a pain, but teachers will absolutely do that. Good teachers go way above and beyond for their students.

    And then the district told them that they have to provide their own PPE.

    I live in a big city. You still can’t find good masks around here, gloves are in short supply. Hand sanitizer has finally been swooping back in, lysol wipes or anything like that are not. As of 7/8/2020, their union is still fighting tooth and nail for PPE to be provided. All while our Covid-19 cases continue to explode up.

    I’m in California. She’s in a really good district, with decent funding and a great facility. We’re literally in one of the best-case scenario areas. I can’t imagine how the fuck these negotiations are going elsewhere, places with less funding in states run by fucking idiots.

    Physically coming back to school is not feasible. There is no way without a lot of funding, that is not going to just magically appear, to keep students and teachers safe. Trying to do so with what we know now, with the preventative measures we have, with the funding the district has available, is going to end up killing people.

    My mom was telling me just the other day that on the message board where she and other teachers from her state discuss these issues, one had just blown the whistle on another district’s administration’s plan for online instruction. They planned to offer online IF:

    - a parent or childcare professional (like a nanny) could be available throughout the day to supervise the kid and provide assistance

    - parents would have to supply the computer and Internet needed

    - the kid has to have had good enough grades prior to going online that they aren’t considered a risk for falling behind

    The obvious problem with these guidelines is that they favor rich, well-off parents who can afford to cover these conditions. My mother lives in a poor state, so a large swath of kids aren’t going to fall into that category. That’s why the teacher was reporting on it, because it’s unfair and quite possibly illegal.

    But on the other hand, I can understand why the school is considering these guidelines. In rural areas where it’s “too expensive” for companies to provide high speed Internet, online instruction has been impossible. Even my mother, the teacher, doesn’t have internet at her house fast enough to stream video, and it has a tight data cap. She would have to go into school anyway just to record her lessons, and then only half the class or so would be able to watch them without going into the public library or somewhere else with public wifi, which is something we’re trying to avoid.

    The fact is that systemic issues have brought us to this point. Public schools are underfunded. Teachers are not being paid overtime for the extra work they’re having to put in to change to online instruction (for example, in case they move online my mother’s school made her move to a new software program, and unlike the last one this one doesn’t allow you to import lessons plans so she has to retype them all by hand, not just this year but EVERY year, and that takes hours, which she usually has to spend during her own unpaid time because elementary teachers do not get adequate breaks to do everything they have to during paid school day time). Internet, despite being at this point indispensable to modern life, is not provided to all people in our country because it’s still considered a product and not a utility. And all these problems have collided and they’re coming down on teachers’ heads.

    My point here is please be kind to teachers during this time, they’re doing their best and they have little help.

    ^ OK if this was a teen dystopia novel the reader would roll their eyes at how ridiculous and over the top that was







    Person on camera: "calling on all gen-z to help boost the crap out of this again, they're arresting all the Native American protesters over Mount Rushmore, please we need to keep track of them"

    idk can we stop…treating a.ce disc.ourse like it’s some haha funney cringe compilation or whatever the fuck because it fucking destroyed the entire ace and aro communities. there is no solid aspec community on tumblr anymore (which was by far the biggest number of aspec ppl). exclusionists took our community and fucking smashed it to pieces and y'all treat it as this fucking stupid joke when they traumatized, gaslit, and abused an entire group of queer people back into the closet. fuck every single person who doesn’t take that seriously.

    My personal experience is just that, but it’s really indicative that I have watched almost every single ace and aro person I know, irl and online, actively recloset themselves as a direct result of the consequences of The Disc Horse™

    I watched irl queer groups disintegrate bc a few ppl who got into leadership positions used that to make the space hostile towards ace ppl (among others as well), saw friends go from being loud and proud aces n aros to actively avoiding any mention of it and letting ppl assume their sexuality. I myself, having been IDing as ace for 10 years at least, have in the past couple since this whole “"discourse”“ came into being, actively and intentionally stopped telling anyone at all that I’m ace. To put that in some kind of perspective, I am incredibly out as trans and will actively out myself pretty constantly except to total strangers I will never see again. I feel safer telling ppl I’m trans than ace. Especially in queer spaces. It’s fucked me up so much I didn’t even quite grasp how much but today my therapist asked me for the first time about like romantic relationships and I physically could not say I am aro and ace. Completely incapable, utterly frozen, and I just kinda let her believe what she will. Ironically the fact that I’ve gone from being willing and ready to tell ppl I’m ace as just another facet of myself to entirely unable and unsolicited to tell anyone, is probably a thing one might want to talk w one’s therapist about.

    This has really fucked not just the community at large but fucked up individual ace ppl in so many ways. It’s not something “funny” or remotely harmless, it’s absolutely devastated us.

    for people in the notes looking for “elder” aces, i just wanna say that i’m 28 years old and am also desperately searching for that representation. i first found out about asexuality through tumblr when i was 21 and started identifying as asexual when i was 21-22 (around 2012). i’ve sought other online ace communities but nothing compared to tumblr. i mean, props to aven for existing as a repository of resources but in terms of just chatting with other aces “in the wild” as it were, tumblr was the perfect place.

    but then this fucking shit happened. around 2015 is when it really kicked into high gear. “discoursers” or exclusionists or aphobes or however you want to refer to them consider asexuality to be a joke and that everyone who identifies as ace is a cringey cishet college-aged white girl who loves dr who. recycled biphobia, homophobia, and even terf rhetoric made its way into the mainstream tumblr conscious by reframing the arguments to target ace people (you’re only X because you’re ugly/can’t get laid; you aren’t part of the community if your partner is of a different gender; maybe something happened to you to make you this way; have you had your hormones checked?; by accepting this identity you are allowing the oppressor to infiltrate our spaces; etc.). you know, in case you think this is just about “snick snack” memes.

    this has alienated ace people of color, who already struggle with desexualization/hypersexualization, disabled aces, ace survivors, trans aces, mentally ill aces, neurodiverse/AUTISTIC ACES (you guys get REAL fuckin nervous when i highlight that the majority of your jeering about aces’ perceived awkwardness, missed social cues, infantilization/dehumanization, or “unfuckability”/“cringey-ness” are repackaged ableism, especially considering that a good percentage of the ace community is also autistic), and both young AND older aces. 

    younger people are being discouraged from exploring the possibility of being asexual by exclusionists for reasons that vary from internalized homophobia to asexuality being a side effect of SSRIs. they are being told that they are “actually” something other than what they say they are, or that they are broken, or that they’re too young to know, or that our ace identity is simultaneously something that must be excruciatingly examined to determine its “cause” yet so irrelevant that it’s unworthy of discussion or representation—”nobody cares that you don’t want to have sex”. i WISH i had known about asexuality as a teenager, as a kid. I wish i had saved myself from so much grief, abuse, pain, and corrective rape by not subjecting myself to experiences that i hoped would “fix” me. 

    and older people like me, who in the grand scheme of things is uhhh really not that much older than the majority of tumblr, are ridiculed for having a presence on tumblr in general, let alone as an asexual person. aces over 30? 40? 50? unicorns. conjured rhetoric. people straight-up don’t believe they exist. people ten years my junior attempt to deny and erase the lived history of aces by saying asexuality was “invented” only ten years ago. i have been terrified of attempting to enter Q* spaces irl because i have heard from even my IRL gay friends that aces do not belong, that “it’s not important enough to form an identity around”, that we are not oppressed enough or we just desperately want to be oppressed. 

    i have only heard in passing of people much older than i am who are ace. i have absolutely zero examples to turn to of people like me continuing to live a long life or any evidence that i am worth loving unless i become a parent, which i don’t want to do. when you’re a teenager there’s more discussion about sexual boundaries, but what about dating in my 30s? what adult is going to be satisfied knowing i can never validate their sexual attraction, unless they were ace like me (less than 1% of the population)? am i forced to be alone forever? you can imagine how bleak my future feels. 

    it pisses me off that i’m seen as a curmudgeon who “just doesn’t get the young people’s humor” when i have to beg people that i consider friends, for the eight billionth time, to stop making/reblogging jokes about how “cringey” aces are or are tongue-in-cheek declaring themselves to be aphobes, and then those people try to assuage me with respectability politics about how it’s about “THOSE” aces on tumblr and not, yknow, me, who is “one of the good ones”. and since the jokes themselves are so juvenile, it further compounds on the poor social graces and stoicism assumed of asexual people if I’m getting upset over ace war criminal moodboards or whatever the fuck. EVERY time i post about asexual ANYTHING on tumblr, to this day, i lose followers. without fail. people dont bat a lash when i spam 20 untagged posts in a row about a fandom they dont care about but i post two positive words about asexuality and theyre gone.

    the environment promoted on tumblr condemns asexuality as a social deficit, as an attack on other Q* identities, as a subject of derision and embarrassment, as an identity lacking in “woke” capital, and makes every effort to expunge us from communities we have already belonged to in favor of making our own while also actively seeking out and dismantling those communities. if tumblr really is in its last days, i sincerely hope that these awful practices will die with it. 


    this picture was taken in 1973, asexuality has been part of the lgbt+ community longer than you’ve been alive.

    The first mentions of asexuality as an orientation are from a leaflet published in 1896 and the X on the Kinsey Scale for non-sexual was added in 1948. It was not invented by white teenage old girls on Tumblr.


    For more information on sexual history read this http://wiki.asexuality.org/Asexual_history

    Before aromanticism was used as a term there was non-limerant. Limerance described romantic attraction and so a non-linemerant person didn’t experience romantic attraction. It has a lot of similarities to aromanticism and it’s first documented appearance was in a book called ‘love and limerance’ published in 1979.

    Aromanticism was also not invented by white girls on tumblr.


    Tumblr might be the first place you saw these terms and where they are most used but the orientations were not invented here maybe the words were first used by a lot of people on here but the orientations not.

    (Image transcription: The sign behind them reads: “YEA - IT’S A HEAVY TRIP. BUT! This is a chance to CHOOSE YOUR OWN LABEL instead of having someone else do it for you: straight, asexual, lesbian, bisexual, anti-label, dyke separatist, ?, lesbian feminist, [something partially obscured but i think it might say anti-sexual], or whatever”)

    When I saw the picture I just started crying and what came after it… I cant, is like someone put a hand on my shoulder and said “is okay to exist” and I’m sobbing right now.

    I did know I needed this. But I never thought it would get me to tears. I never knew I needed it for me, to show to myself, to tell <>me it’s fine to be me.

    I can’t stop crying, fuck.


    This is why representation is important. This is why visibility is important.

    Sometimes I see exclusionists shooting their mouths off about how the way you can tell aces aren’t oppressed is that our main need is for representation, that our positivity posts are about being valid.

    And I’m just like… you have maybe temporarily forgotten what it is like to not see yourself reflected anywhere?? You maybe have been lucky enough to find people like you in history and in media before you came out?? Perhaps you are blissfully unaware t<>hat if you don’t have that kind of representation, the only messages you get are that you are a shitty gross broken person that doesn’t have any worth????? Possibly you do not know the effect of hearing that from both the straight and the “LGBT” communities at once??

    I don’t know if anybody has studied this (I’m gonna find out!) but I would bet a lot of money that that stuff has a huge impact on health, and that it’s a big part of the reason that m-spec and a-spec people (including aros) have such incredibly high rates of things like suicidality.

    We’re valid. We have worth. We are incredible people, part of incredible communities and cultures and histories. We deserve to exist, and the world is much better off with us.

    There were older aces on here. I watched 2 ace folx in their late 30s, one in her early 50s and one in her late 40s get chased off of here by constant harassment. I’m in contact with all 3 on other platforms and have been friends with all of them for 5+ years, so.

    One of them specifically came to Tumblr to be a resource for younger aces (the one in her late 40s) and left in horrified disgust over the level of direct, awful harassment she received.

    So, yeaaaaaaah, they’re out there, and Tumblr dis.course succeeded in making Tumblr so vile to them that they left.

    I also want to point out the exclus also usually have sideblogs for this stuff, so they can choose when they engage in dis.course, but us Aces can’t choose to engage or not engage in it, because we are always Asexual. 

    We especially can’t escape when it’s purposefully flooded into our positivity tags. 

    So: I am asexual. I hate it when people are actively working to shove us back into the closet and fracture our community when we have been acknowledged as existing since ancient times, and when we have had a term to name ourselves since the 1900s

    This is our history, we have always been here, we will always be here.

    -FemaleWarrior, She/They

    <>These stories are not going to stop. I’m sharing in hope that somebody reading this has been on the fence or feeling like “this is overblown,” and now realizes it isn’t. Or that someone who realizes how serious this is but has had trouble convincing others can use the stories to help someone else realize it.

    <>There’s no value in “I told you so” when the result is needless death and suffering all around. Please don’t comment with “serves ‘em right” or anything like that. I just want people to take this for what it is - an apolitical mass-murdering virus that doesn’t care if you don’t believe in it.

    <>There’s no value in “I told you so” when the result is needless death and suffering all around. 

    Thank you.

    Great idea until you have 7th graders in Florida picking your president…. I’m not sure that the people that actually agree to this idea understand that kids would just vote how their parents would because no seventh grader has more than two brain cells. I was in seventh grade when the 2016 election happened, and holy fuck you do not want those kids picking your President, let alone having rights in general

    So then maybe, as was the point of this post, maybe the court system shouldn’t be executing 7th graders (most of whom are disproportionately black and brown people)? Because if you don’t think they’re mature enough to vote and pick a president, then I’m guessing that they aren’t mature enough to be tried as adults and then executed???

    Everyone needs to go check out @emzurl<>s ML Office <>AU immediately!!!!! IT’S SO AMAZING, the voice acting is fantastic and the animation is absolutely superb! (*chef’s kiss*)  😭👌

    Em’s synopsis:

    This is a pre-reveal, undercover AU where Felix is Gabriel’s son and Chat Noir. In their university years, both Marinette and Felix are still working to take down Hawk Moth. They both find separate evidence linking Gabriel’s fashion company to Hawk Moth’s operation and decide to secretly go undercover in his company. Marinette lands a Production Assistant job while Felix asks his father for a position. Suspicious of Felix’s newfound interest in his company, Gabriel decides to hire a documentary crew to as a way to keep his son in check. This is the story as told through the documentary crews lens.


    <>Please enjoy the full Intro Arc of the Miraculous Office AU - a Felinette story!

    DO NOT re-upload or re-post this video anywhere, thank you. 🚫


    This is a pre-reveal, undercover AU where Felix is Gabriel’s son and Chat Noir. In their university years, both Marinette and Felix are still working to take down Hawk Moth. They both find separate evidence linking Gabriel’s fashion company to Hawk Moth’s operation and decide to secretly go undercover in his company. Marinette lands a Production Assistant job while Felix asks his father for a position. Suspicious of Felix’s newfound interest in his company, Gabriel decides to hire a documentary crew to as a way to keep his son in check. This is the story as told through the documentary crew’s lens.

    Guys, please check this out. The amount of work that’s gone into this!! The characters expressions, the writing, the voices– amazing. Please watch and share!

    i've always been… acutely aware of how seldom we try to do right by fic writers in fandom, and how we jump at every opportunity to support artists. by no means am i trying to like, pit one against the other, because at the end of the day we're content creators trying to have fun.

    i just also feel very strongly about fic writers getting the love and support and recognition they deserve.

    so, if you're a fic writer, reblog this post and brag about yourself. share your AO3! plug your commissions post!! drop a link to your ko-fi!!!

    and whether you're a writer or not, spread this around and share the love and gratitude you have for the writers in your fandom 💖

    i'll even start:

    hey ✨ i'm sahar/omnistruck! i've been writing for the last 17 years. nowadays i have lots of fun in the Miraculous Ladybug and Persona 5 fandoms, and i'm hoping to dive into FE3H, too. Here are my links!

    💫 ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/volti/works

    💫 tumblr: https://omnistruck.tumblr.com

    💫 ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/omnistruck


    Link to the original Twitter thread <>here!

    [ID: A thread of tweets that reads: thinking real long and hard about how little respect fic writers get, lads. think about it though. when's the last time you saw a social-media-wise promotion campaign for fic writers? how often do you see fic writers getting or even opening commissions? what kind of numbers are fics getting compared to art? why are we so thoroughly satisfied by the instant gratification art provides, but we only theoretically invest in those 100k+ [insert trope here] fics that there's always somehow a meme about? and if we do invest, why do we feel it's only enough to leave a kudos IF THAT? why is our only rhetoric regarding fic writers that "they do all this for free?" why are we by and large ONLY allowed to do this for free? we have to, have to, HAVE TO do better by fanfiction. i, for one, am absolutely goddamn exhausted by how long and how often i'm discouraged by how it's treated nowadays. so. compassion starts here. a movement has to start here. if you're a fic writer, QRT this tweet and fucking BRAG about your words. drop your AO3, your socmed, your fandoms, your ko-fi, whatever. promo it here. lift yourself up, lift someone else up. you deserve to be seen. you deserve to be read. End ID]

    <>Original and whole thread: HERE
    <>You’re a writer AND have a twitte<>r<>? Go retwe<>et and brag about your works, share your links, promote yourself<>!
    You’re a writer and don’t have a tw
    itter? Reblog and add those here. Make your work visible, no matter the fa<>ndom.
    You’re not a