I am 666 Cain

Welcum to my world. I am a submisive latin perv cunt. with 35 years old. Into Total  and complete Penis Worshipping. Here i have many items of my collection of pics and toons I find hot.  Lots of Dad/dad Bro/bro and other pervy fun.  Love to chat, bate and goon. Very few limits here.  This blog is especially dedicated to hiper masculine very big endowed men. Those who we consider bearer of the Sacred Penis and worthy of all our veneration and worshipping. Hopefully with all stuff we share we ll open some mnds, principally into cute handsome gay guys in very different ages.  I am an alpha bottom pig here looking to meet other like minded pigs. Top/Doms a plus.  In simple words,  this blog is orientated for gay perverts minds only. Brothers who share the same desire, love and veneration for the Penis. Personally I am a proud addicted to Him, and to all His sacred fluids. As well as the penis of other species, nor necesarily humans. Scat and taboo stuff is ok for me. Shit, Piss, Fist, you name them. In general dirty sex and other surprises. If you see something you do not like, please move on, or just keep scrolling. But if you are one fuck up runchy guy , this is the blog for you. I am a open book sexually, Feel free to askme anything and I will answer honestly, and to the best of my habilities... There is no such a dunb question. This will featured nudity sex and general filth totally inapropiated for the eyes of anyone under 18 . Please be of age... and footnote...    I get all my pics via web. If there is a pic that you have the rights, to that you want remove, just ask.  THANK FOR CHECKING OUT MY BLOG, enjoy and ask me anything.    kik me: im666cain  / whatsapp: +51 933 291 15 /  skype:   im666cain    / twitter : im666cain

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    From the FagMaster Archives

    This audio was developed from  extensive divination invocation sessions, upon completion the work was turned over to an audio specialist who did an excellent job  putting it together. It is a very powerful energetic peace and is designed to creatively catalyze transformation.  The audio specialist, can be found at.: http://nagasguardian.tumblr.com/ .  Headphones are recommended for best engagement.

    Very powerful. Listen, masturbate, and worship HIM… HAIL SATAN!