I am 666 Cain

Welcum to my world. I am a submisive latin perv cunt. with 35 years old. Into Total  and complete Penis Worshipping. Here i have many items of my collection of pics and toons I find hot.  Lots of Dad/dad Bro/bro and other pervy fun.  Love to chat, bate and goon. Very few limits here.  This blog is especially dedicated to hiper masculine very big endowed men. Those who we consider bearer of the Sacred Penis and worthy of all our veneration and worshipping. Hopefully with all stuff we share we ll open some mnds, principally into cute handsome gay guys in very different ages.  I am an alpha bottom pig here looking to meet other like minded pigs. Top/Doms a plus.  In simple words,  this blog is orientated for gay perverts minds only. Brothers who share the same desire, love and veneration for the Penis. Personally I am a proud addicted to Him, and to all His sacred fluids. As well as the penis of other species, nor necesarily humans. Scat and taboo stuff is ok for me. Shit, Piss, Fist, you name them. In general dirty sex and other surprises. If you see something you do not like, please move on, or just keep scrolling. But if you are one fuck up runchy guy , this is the blog for you. I am a open book sexually, Feel free to askme anything and I will answer honestly, and to the best of my habilities... There is no such a dunb question. This will featured nudity sex and general filth totally inapropiated for the eyes of anyone under 18 . Please be of age... and footnote...    I get all my pics via web. If there is a pic that you have the rights, to that you want remove, just ask.  THANK FOR CHECKING OUT MY BLOG, enjoy and ask me anything.    kik me: im666cain  / whatsapp: +51 933 291 15 /  skype:   im666cain    / twitter : im666cain

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    reblog if you are turned on by brutal, aggressive, hypermasculine men who look like they could kill you with their bare hands.


    Brutal, aggressive, hypermasculine Men SHOULD (not could) kill me with their bare hands


    Being punched in the face until the skull breaks would be a good way for an uber masculine stud to end a queer.

    Having his head against a wall so the neck won’t snap first?


    They make full size penis molds for baking. To fill with chocolate or whatever. Get a silicone one that comes apart in two pieces. Then go get bred a lot.. And after you come home each time release it into your mold. Keep that in the freezer and slowly but surely you’ll have yourself a cock sized and shaped dildo made of your past fucks. Before you stick it in, take a nail file to buff out any jagged points and then ram your hole with it. Suck on it if you need a relief from the cold.

    This…. is amazing!! I’m gonna see if I can find one of these molds.


    You ever attend fistfest in Augusta Ga. Critical Care Nurse here who would love to dilate your pussy then give you an internal prostate exam followed by a long internal milking session. Where you going to be online after Tumblr goes to hell?

    I went for the first time this last October. And I’d love that… medical scenes get me insanely hot..

    I’ll mostly (and begrudgingly) be on Twitter for now. Let’s hope I don’t slip up and use the word ‘fag’ over there or they’ll ban me again.

    Also will have my justforfans running soon and I think I’m going to export all the content that’s here now to a wordpress site.

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    Jajajaja ese lenguaje tan “disimulado” que usamos los maricones para follar. A mí en las clases de la universidad me funciona el sentarme justo delante o detrás del chaval al que me estoy follando. Si me siento yo delante y en algún momento hace como que no ve la pizarra y me sopla la nuca, en el siguiente cambio de clases salimos cada uno por su lado y nos vemos en los servicios para que meta polla, o al revés si soy yo el que sopla. Y en la biblioteca, basta con hacer el gesto de la imagen pero más disimulado metiéndote el boli en la boca y mirando al machote a los ojos. En lenguaje marica significa “en 5 minutos en los servicios de la biblioteca te la mamo”. Ya sabéis, lenguaje no verbal, que la lengua hay que usarla para otras cosas…


    Desde crío viendo esto… y claro, salí maricon. Cómo me impresionaba el grosor de aquellas pollas en comparación con la mia jajajaja aún recuerdo el rabo de un macho que vi meando en la calle, lo gorda que la tenía y la piel del capullo al pelarsela… Seguro que era normal, pero para mí que solo había visto la de mi padre me dejó muy marcado y con la curiosidad por las pollas. Y claro, ya de adolescente, a pajearme como un pervertido todo el rato pensando en pollas y a saciar mi vicio en los servicios del centro comercial al lado de mi casa y en el descampado. Vamos, que lo de chupar rabo y poner el culo lo llevo desde que nací