Smart, respectable & valuable girls

***CAN'T BELIEVE I NEED TO WRITE THIS, BUT I AM A MAN...*** We can all agree that girls are equal to men, are very useful to society and deserve rights and respect. Here are some role models for girls all over the world who desire more than anything to contribute to the best of their abilities.

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2020-10-20 02:24:30

    Daddy, I’m not happy, daddy. My boobs are too small and you always say bigger isn’t big enough. I want more more more more and more. Please help me, daddy.


    That’s it.


    yes daddy please make me bigger!!


    The most intelligent girls always aim towards bigger objectives! So you could say this one is a real brainiac, with tons of grey matter! :))))))))


    She’s stupid, but that just makes her more attractive.


    See? Whenever you hear a girl say men are only attracted to their body, you can show them this post and prove them that intelligence also has a role in attractiveness! :))))))


    Honestly, who couldn’t love sasha?




    i love that for a self confessed feminist, sasha grey has done more to inspire misogynists than feminists 


    queen sasha is SUCH a role model, it’s why i am so fucked up in the fucking head! :) xxx


    Well of course she's a feminist! Look at how many educational videos she's been a part of! :)))))))

    I'm so haply many girls all over the world look at her as a role model! She knows exactly how to act as a dignified girl totally equal to men :))))))))


    My boyfriend is super sweet and treats me really well. He always tells me I’m special, and smart and never lets me forget he loves me. But despite that, I don’t feel he respects me, you know? Thankfully, one of his good friends really respects me! He’s always willing to tell me what a smart, independent girl I am, even if he has to spend all night telling me! I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves me and a man who respects the hell out of me so hard 😊

    Hi, thanks for your very interesting message! You seem very clever!

    Don't forget that as a good girlfriend, you should act in a way that helps your boyfriend treating you the way you deserve! After all, his happiness and pleasure should be your only priority in life! And deep inside, I'm sure he'd love to respect you very hard all night long too :)))))

    Message me if you want to talk about it! I'll make sure to show you how much respect I have for you :)))))




    I take that as a compliment when a stranger decides to grope me like that 😘


    Well of course you should take it as a compliment! The man cares so much about you that he offers his support to you! Ain't that a beautiful gesture? :))))))))


    You must have inherited those traits from your mother, bitch. She was a fucking Mutt as well.


    As soon as she handed her homework about how people should be treated, she saw the behavior of her teachers change! Now, they act in a different way with her :))))))

    You wouldn't believe how many private lessons she has scheduled with her male teachers for the next months! She'll learn so many new things! :))))))


    Aww, such a brave face. I bet when you turn her around and make her look at those red cheeks and make her tell you how wet her pussy is, the floodgates open up


    She can't understand why some of her friends are disgusted whenever she tells them her boyfriend slaps her multiple times in the face every morning...

    It's just a simple yet effective method to wake her up and start her day on the right foot, or so her boyfriend says at least! :)))))))


    Msg me and tell me what you’d do to me if you saw me at your retail job putting these on in the changing room…


    You know, I really didnt think she would pull it off.


    Now that she put on her classy little outfit, she's ready to receive many respectful compliments from men in various ways... But mostly non verbal, physical ways :))))))