Incestuous Weddings, Impregnation, Watersports.
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    As soon as the door closed we broke into embarrassed giggles.  I buried my red face in my brother’s chest.  “I can’t believe we just got caught!”

    “Mom didn’t seem too surprised,” he chuckled.  “Do you suppose she knew about us all along?”

    “Maybe,” I sighed.  “At least we don’t have to hide it anymore.”

    “I wonder if she’s expecting grandchildren.”

    I grew serious as I felt my brother’s warm chest against my face.  It was the first time we’d broached the subject.


    “Sis, I adore how flat you keep this tummy of yours…. but you know how mom mentioned grandkids today? And you know how your birth control ran out a couple of weeks back?” My brother asked, when I hummed in agreement, he gripped my hips. “I wanna cum inside you tonight babe - I want to fill you with my sperm, and create a baby inside your tummy, and make you round, and gorgeous and full with my child. Mom would be so, so happy if I bred you.” He added, and all I could do was nod.


    “Do you ever think mom and dad will realize that their son and daughter are fucking each other all over the house when they leave?”


    “They will when you start to show in a couple of months.”

    (giggle) “Yes, I suppose they will, won’t they?”

    “What do you think they’ll say?”

    “We don’t have to tell them it’s yours.”

    “But we’ll know.”

    “Yes, and you know something… I’m really glad it’s your baby.”

    “Thanks, sis.  I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    “Want to do it again?”

    “(giggle) “Sure!”

    “So baby brother I have a confession to make. Mom and I have been plotting for years for you to get me pregnant. Mom wants grandkids from both of us and she said it would just be easier if we had them together. She said we can live here rent free as long as we keep making babies together. Don’t you think I look cute pregnant with your baby?”

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