But Chi is here today. Because whenever anyone listens to Deftones’ music, it is there because of him. Without Chi, the band’s early sound would not have existed. Without Chi, Deftones would have never patched things up. Without Chi, there would be no music, no shows, no Deftones. So if you love Deftones, there’s only one way to pay tribute to this warm, kind and generous man; play the music he made and inspired as loud as you can. For within it, Chi Cheng lives on.

    Kerrang Magazine (via fuckyesdeftones)

    I’ve always had a fear of nature. I’ve never been the outdoorsy type. I see no romance in camping, or hiking or even the beach. There is nothing special about sun, dirt and bugs and snakes that i find appealing. Cities suit me. People awake at all hours, Lights, Traffic, Noise. Businesses that are always open. Silence scares me. The woods and long, dark roads are creepy and are precisely the kinds of places where i think i will be murdered, attacked, eaten.. or get lost.

    Alison Mosshart.

    Playing Saturday Night Live for the first time. Either that or having the audience sing Happy Birthday to my mother when Nirvana played the Reading Festival in 1992. That was pretty great. She was sitting on the side of the stage and she had tears in her eyes.

    Dave Grohl’s answer to “What is your most treasured memory?”  (Melody Maker 1999)