What she says: I’m fine 

    What she means: Jake Gyllenhaal, born 19th of December 1980, does not only commit to every role with every nuance of his soul, body and mind but is clearly one, if the the most talented actors of his generation, comparable to Robert De Niro. This is agreed by his fellow actors, directors, writers, fans and even critics, yet he doesn’t get recognised by the academy and has only ever been nominated once, which is disgraceful. The academy awarded people like Casey Affleck yet ignore Gyllenhaals work in Prisoners, Enemy, End of Watch, Nightcrawler, Southpaw, Nocturnal Animals, Zodiac and countless other films. To put it quite blatantly this needs to stop otherwise I may have to do something drastic, so please award Jake Gyllenhaal.   


    Mini Mansions on recording with Alex Turner and touring with Tame Impala


    by Sarah Smith
    Mon 4th May, 2015

    When he isn’t playing bass in Queens of the Stone Age Michael Shuman is crafting psychedelic pop songs with his side-project Mini Mansions. Upon the release of their new album SARAH SMITH talks to Shuman about making sacrifices for music, recording with Alex Turner and hanging out with Tame Impala.

    How exactly does one get Brian Wilson to sing on their record? “Shit, if I had the magic potion I’d give it to everybody!” Michael Shuman laughs down the phone from his home in L.A., where the Mini Mansions drummer and singer is currently enjoying some rare down time between tours. While securing Wilson’s backing vocals on ‘Any Emotions’ – one of the standout cuts from Mini Mansions new record The Great Pretenders – was a mix of good luck and good timing, convincing Alex Turner to throw down a verse on lead single ‘Vertigo’ was a no-brainer. “Alex was hanging out at the studio a bunch when we were recording and when it got time to the vocals for that, it was like, ‘Oh shit, you’re British, you’d be perfect! It was like one of those serendipitous moments”. It’s no coincidence that Turner just happened to be “hanging out” in the studio either, he and Shuman forged a friendship years ago through Shuman’s “other band” Queens of the Stone Age.

    In between playing bass from QOTSA – a role he officially picked up in 20007 – Shuman has also managed to craft two records with his Mini Mansions bandmates Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford. While their 2010 self-titled, debut came and went with little fanfare, its followup has turned all the right heads – and not just because of a few big name collaborators. The Great Pretenders is an immediate and well crafted psychedelic pop record that draws heavily on the late ‘60s work of Syd Barrett, The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Upon its release I talked to Shuman about balancing life in QOTSA with Mini Mansions, touring with Tame Impala and recording with Kimbra.

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