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    i love seeing people on my dash get really into a kids’ show and then get really mad and upset when it’s a kids’ show. they’ll be like ‘the characters are so one dimensional and the plots are so repetitive’ and it’s like, on one hand i understand because kids’ shows can be good and it’s always frustrating to see a show you like disappoint you. on the other hand you are watching paw patrol


    something about aba therapy that i feel is worth noting:

    aba therapists are the only type of therapists in the united states that are not required to have a college degree in order to practice. the vast majority of aba therapists i’ve met don’t have one.

    then what are the requirements, you may ask?

    be at least 18. have a high school diploma. complete a few hours of general training.

    that’s it.

    they’re also allowed to teach your child literally whatever they want. i saw a video of someone the other day who was put thru aba as a child. they were obsessed with the color blue, so what did the aba therapist do? gave every child in their class except them a blue piece of paper for weeks until they stopped crying about it. aka, until they were too numb to the emotional pain of being left out to react anymore.

    i guess the end goal was to make them…not like…the color blue anymore? like, seriously. what was the point of that???

    they teach children to smile on command even when they don’t feel happy. they teach autistic children not to stim - something that has been proven not only beneficial but necessary for autistic people’s wellbeing.

    they can withhold water, food, or affection from your child until the child complies with whatever behavior they want them to complete. i wish i was joking.

    this is literal child abuse.

    the only therapy that does not require a degree to practice, abusive as hell, manipulative, they are literally allowed to teach your child whatever the hell they want…and yet it’s also the only therapy for autistic children that is covered by most insurance companies.

    make it make sense.


    When you watch ABA training in action, you realize that it’s dog training. It’s dog training a human child who can’t advocate for better treatment or more respect. I hate it with every fiber of my being.


    Hoolyyy shit @thisqueerchipmunk - this is blowing my mind


    This should be required reading for neurotypicals


    This article comment seems to summarise it pretty well.


    Suzanne Wright of Autism Speaks literally sees us Autistics as “the least of us” - as in HUMANITY.

    Edit: an activist friend of mine back then had transcribed Wright’s entire Vatican speech and we’re forever grateful because my friend had to keep listening to this horrible person treat her own grandson like a subhuman specimen. Suzanne may be dead but her organization is thriving and dangerous.


    Lion King (1994) explaining the importance of stylized 2D animation: Lion King (2019) and Cats (2019):


    Kimba The White Lion (1965) explaining the importance of an original idea:

    Lion King (1994) Lion King (2019) Cats (2019)


    Shakespeare (1564) explaining the importance of an original idea:

    Kimba the White Lion (1965), The Lion King (1994), The Lion King (2019), Cats (2019):


    Saxo Grammaticus (c. 1160 – c. 1220) explaining the importance of understanding that all creative work is inherently derivative once you study the oral tradition of storytelling and history and that’s okay because generations have always reformatted tropes and themes to make them relatable to their current audiences 

    Shakespeare (1564), Kimba the White Lion (1965), The Lion King (1994), The Lion King (2019), Cats (2019):


    can’t wait to commission an oil portrait of myself but make it really fucked up and scary and then i’ll store it in some dusty back room of my manor house and deliberately set up dinner party guests to stumble across it and then when they’re gazing upon its wretched face i can dramatically step out of the shadows and chuckle villainously as i give some half-baked excuse as to why it’s like that and then i’ll usher them back to dinner and spend the rest of the evening dropping hints that add up to me being born sometime in the 1770s despite my obvious youth

    gay culture* is an actual thing that exists but most of the stuff considered to be gay culture on this website is literally just general late millennial / gen z cultural signifiers or neuroatypical traits, which get misattributed to being a gay thing because of the huge overlap between those three categories on tumblr's userbase

    *(not as a unified and comprehensive entity, as it varies a lot according to one's country and region)


    i haven’t heard the word “cyberstalking” in a long time but it used to be a recognizably bad thing to stalk someone online, to try to dig up everything you can on them, follow their every move online, obsessively post about them, barrage them with messages, block evade, etc - but now it’s just normalized and seen as something totally “ok” to do if the person in question is “problematic” in some way - like the same people who say “if your partner does this run” will turn around and do the same thing to a stranger online they dont even know and they don’t even think twice - it’s abuse, it’s harassment… just stop it


    Cyber 👏 stalking 👏 isn’t 👏 activism 👏 it’s 👏 harassment


    It’s a natural consequence of “it’s okay when we do it” morality. The moral status of an action changes based on what groups the victim and perpetrator belong to.

    It’s a childish, evil outlook, too.


    Thus is the defining characteristic of gay millennials: we straddle the pre-Glee and post-Glee worlds. We went to high school when faggot wasn't even considered an F-word, when being a lesbian meant boys just didn't want you, when being nonbinary wasn't even a remote option. We grew up without queer characters in our cartoons or Nickelodeon or Disney or TGIF sitcoms. We were raised in homophobia, came of age as the world changed around us, and are raising children in an age where it's never been easier to be same-sex parents. We're both lucky and jealous. As the state of gay evolved culturally and politically, we were old enough to see it and process it and not take it for granted--old enough to know what the world was like without it. Despite the success of Drag Race, the existence of lesbian Christmas rom-coms, and openly transgender Oscar nominees, we haven't moved on from the trauma of growing up in a culture that hates us. We don't move on from trauma, really. We can't really leave it in the past. It becomes a part of us, and we move forward with it.

    For LGBTQ+ milennials, our pride is couched in painful memories of a culture repulsed and frightened by queerness. That makes us skittish. It makes us loud. It makes us fear that all this progress, all this tolerance [...] can vanish as quickly as it all appeared.

    The 2000s Made Me Gay, Grace Perry


    Coming from a reference group where everyone’s first queer movie was either Rocky Horror or Brokeback Mountain, its fascinating to talk (in person!) to gay teenagers who grew up with Korra and Stephen Universe and She-Ra. 


    Katter believes our Christian values have declined because of crocodile gods


    This sounds silly but for those that don't know, this is Bob Katter, a far-right Australian politician. He is famous for, among other things, opposing the instillation of free condom machines in aboriginal and pacific islander communities to stop the spread of AIDS, and repeating a pledge used by the Proud Boys.

    This "Crocodile Gods" comment is an extremely racist dig at aboriginal religion.


    So's the tree part. It's referencing the Victorian government putting a road through a sacred site of Aboriginal Birthing Trees to cut 5 minutes off travel time.

    Also, it's Aboriginal, not aboriginal, you're referring to a people.