I haven’t posted in a long, long time. I think I kind of lost track of why I started this blog, but with the turbulent state of the world today, I have been thinking more about it and the things on my mind and the need for an outlet, as well as to reflect on the things that bring me peace. 

So here I am again, several years down the road. This photo was taken last week on a hiking trip in Oregon’s Coast Range.

I know it’s cliche, but nature is the #1 thing that brings me peace - the sound of rushing water, blooming flowers, fresh spring ferns, autumn leaves, the smell of a forest, a sunrise or a sunset, a mountain reflected in a lake. 

The down side is that nature also worries me, or rather, I worry for nature. It’s hard to be on a beach anywhere and not see the damage that humans are doing to our oceans; the Coast Range where this photo was taken has far too many clear cuts for a healthy forest. If there is one thing that is worth saving, it is nature because we are part of it. Industrial age humans seem to be in a perpetual war against nature or they treat nature like it’s as disposable as a plastic Starbuck’s cup.

But everything we have comes from nature and everything we have must eventually return to nature. So let’s be as good to Nature as we can.