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2018-10-11 04:02:03

    I haven’t posted in a long, long time. I think I kind of lost track of why I started this blog, but with the turbulent state of the world today, I have been thinking more about it and the things on my mind and the need for an outlet, as well as to reflect on the things that bring me peace. 

    So here I am again, several years down the road. This photo was taken last week on a hiking trip in Oregon’s Coast Range.

    I know it’s cliche, but nature is the #1 thing that brings me peace - the sound of rushing water, blooming flowers, fresh spring ferns, autumn leaves, the smell of a forest, a sunrise or a sunset, a mountain reflected in a lake. 

    The down side is that nature also worries me, or rather, I worry for nature. It’s hard to be on a beach anywhere and not see the damage that humans are doing to our oceans; the Coast Range where this photo was taken has far too many clear cuts for a healthy forest. If there is one thing that is worth saving, it is nature because we are part of it. Industrial age humans seem to be in a perpetual war against nature or they treat nature like it’s as disposable as a plastic Starbuck’s cup.

    But everything we have comes from nature and everything we have must eventually return to nature. So let’s be as good to Nature as we can.

    OK, so a few short minutes ago, I started this blog off with a picture of a fallen, dying leaf.  And now I'm moving on to a photo I took this evening of a sprouting morning glory in my garden.  Sorry for the quality, I took it with my phone.

    I love the excitement of spring and new life pushing out of the earth! It amazes me how quickly a little of a seed, which seems so lifeless on the outside, springs forth into life and develops into a beautiful plant!


    Welcome to my blog, Inner I.  This is my third attempt to start a blog.  The first, well it just started but didn't happen.  The second was basically a travel blog that I tried to keep during a month of travels in the Middle East in October 2009.

    I am going into this with a very rough idea of what I intend to blog.  I suppose that there are many reasons to blog, or why people write in general - to keep a record, to remember, to vent, to express an idea, to boast, to belittle, to share, to brush up on writing skills, etc.  I suppose that here I may do a little of all of these things.  I must admit that I am a bit nervous about the idea of putting myself out there.  What if I have nothing to write?  And even if I do, what if it's just not interesting.  But then, the real reason I'm blogging is for myself, so although I would be thrilled if others found my ramblings fascinating and insightful, Inner I is, in the end, for and about me.

    Lone Leaf - This evening I was talking to my therapist about writing and blogging and he encouraged me to do so.  He mentioned that I could write about my photographs.  So I chose to begin Inner I with this picture, which I took a few years ago at the Portland Japanese Gardens.  It has been posted on my Flickr account but has received few views.  I think it's a shame because it's one of my personal favorites; the muted color, the lone beautiful leaf on a bare wall.  To me, this picture speaks of singular beauty, loneliness and endings.  I showed this picture to a coworker and she didn't get it.  She asked, "Why would you take a picture of something like that?" which made me sad.  But it remains one of my favorite pictures that I've taken.