Welcome to my blog, Inner I.  This is my third attempt to start a blog.  The first, well it just started but didn't happen.  The second was basically a travel blog that I tried to keep during a month of travels in the Middle East in October 2009.

I am going into this with a very rough idea of what I intend to blog.  I suppose that there are many reasons to blog, or why people write in general - to keep a record, to remember, to vent, to express an idea, to boast, to belittle, to share, to brush up on writing skills, etc.  I suppose that here I may do a little of all of these things.  I must admit that I am a bit nervous about the idea of putting myself out there.  What if I have nothing to write?  And even if I do, what if it's just not interesting.  But then, the real reason I'm blogging is for myself, so although I would be thrilled if others found my ramblings fascinating and insightful, Inner I is, in the end, for and about me.