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    Hours and hours and hours. Days. The only relief she would find is when she learned to let go of her mind entirely.


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    At the Christian seminary, the young female students were encouraged to select one of their fellow male students to act as their disciplinarian. Many of the young ladies ignored the suggestion and didn't indicate anyone to be thier disciplinarian, thinking it was crazy and they could opt out of the discipline program. The young woman were shocked and appalled, when the university found reason to send them to the dean's office that doubled as the punishment room. When the assistant of the punishment asked which male student they would wish to be spanked by they begin to sputter. Their confidence evaporated as they saw fellow female students standing naked waiting for thier disciplinarians and heard the wallops of a paddle and the feminine yelps from a paddling. Those young women who refused to give a name of one of the young male students to be thier disciplinarian, were assigned a disciplinarian from a pool of the male students who had indicated they were available. The young women were then indicated to the undressing stalls. Those young students who disobeyed the orders found themselves ushered into one of the stalls by some of the male student assistants who then had the female student strip in front of them. Most of the female students would be cowed into obedience at this point. Though any further disobedience was handled by whipping her bottom wether clothed or bare with one of their belts. All except the most rebellious of the ladies would hasten to complete her disrobing. The naked, female students were then directed to wait in line outside the punishment room for thier chosen or assigned displinarion. Once he had arrived, the dean in charge of the female students would bring them in, hand the paddle to male student and order the female student to bend over her desk. While the female student was being punished, the dean would apologize for the female student's behavior. After the paddling, the male student had the authority to have the female student he had just spanked to stand in the corner outside the punishment room. Her reddened backside would be a sign of his stricness and strength. When the punishment assistants saw a female student with particularly reddened backside, they would insure that her spanker would have higher priority when assigning new female students to be spanked.

    The dean in charge of the female students, had suggested the program. She sold it at as a way that female students would be taught thier place in the church and life. She also said that it would be a great way for romantic relationships to start with male leadership being a foundational aspect. It was highly successful as the students tended to be engaged and married to each other quickly.