So, in this scene, everyone seems to focus on Aziraphale bringing his wing up to protect Crowley, and while I agree it’s amazing and adorable, I want to talk about the fact that he apparently does it because Crowley moves toward him first. Why does he do that?

    My current theory is that Crowley, having never experienced rain before, wasn’t entirely sure that it wasn’t holy, i.e., something that could hurt him, so he flinches toward Aziraphale, who is not only the only one we know of to have treated Crowley with respect recently, but also the only one who could possibly protect Crowley from something holy.

    We’ve also seen that angels, at least high-ranking angels like Gabriel, sometimes cause lightning when they descend from heaven: maybe Crowley was worried a more powerful angel was on their way and just automatically moved toward this angel, whom he’s just met, but who treated him like an equal and with zero aggression.

    Regardless, Crowley has no guarantees here: this thing in the sky might be dangerous, this angel may not bother protecting him, but Crowley’s instinct is to move toward him anyway. And Aziraphale (who has also never seen rain before) immediately comes through for him: he may or may not know what the lightning and rain are—in fact, it’s possible he knows they’re not dangerous, because he doesn’t move at all until Crowley does—but either way, he notices that Crowley seems worried about them, and he responds accordingly and kindly.

    It’s no wonder Crowley seeks Aziraphale out after this: how many people has he had d<>o anything like that for him, even those who knew him for much longer than Aziraphale?


    aren’t you married? Should you be reading self insert fic? Isn’t that leading him on?

    I- I don’t know what to tell you here. No it’s not leading my husband on to read about an elf being in love with me.

    Fellas is reading self insert fics cheating 🤔


    It’s tearing this family aP A R T 😭

    Unfortunately, I think they meant you’re leading on the character in the fic.


    Oh g-d that’s even worse

    New rule: no one is allowed to read fanfiction until they can prove that they understand the concept of <>fiction<>.

    People are not “independent” and “dependent”.

    People are “dependent in socially acceptable ways” and “dependent in socially unacceptable ways”.

    In other words it’s socially acceptable to be dependent because you’re rich and therefore can pay others to do everything for you

    And it’s socially unacceptable to be dependent because not only do you have the inability to do certain things alone but it’s also possible that your parents are partially responsible for the fact that you don’t have social cues for important things.

    It’s socially acceptable to be dependent on your employees to become rich but not socially acceptable to be poor and dependent on taxpayers.

    It’s socially acceptable for a grown man with no disabilities to be dependent on his wife for simple household tasks, but not socially acceptable to be disabled and dependent on a caregiver.

    Thank you for describing that better, but also it’s acceptable to have an assistant speak for you if you’re rich, but not if you’re disabled and poor.

    I love how this highlights that dependency of the rich is socially acceptable while disabled people needing the same thing is not accepted!

    This is gonna be 101 stuff that you both obviously already know: I’m gonna drop some more mundane examples below, just so those less familiar with ableism don’t miss out on the fact that this is impacted by but extends beyond rich & poor.

    It’s socially acceptable to need coffee to function in the morning, it’s socially unacceptable to need anti-depressants. It’s socially acceptable to need a car to move around, it’s socially unacceptable to need a wheelchair. It’s socially acceptable to not be able to fly without technology, it’s socially unacceptable to not be able to talk without technology. It’s socially acceptable to get all your clothes made by someone else, it’s socially unacceptable to have all your meals made by someone else. etc.

    Basically, it’s socially acceptable to have the same dependencies as the majority or extra dependencies that you can pay for because you’re rich, it’s socially unacceptable to have different dependencies than the majority while not being rich.