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    ok I take back what I’ve said about contemporary art. This is amazing.


    THIS is what art is about. I bitch about modern art a lot but the problem I have is that most of it (and I've worked in a museum and been an art student) is bullshitting. It is only sometimes you get shit like this, that is 0% bullshit and 100% raw screaming emotion that is demanding you LISTEN and FEEL and CONFRONT. This is art. This is what art is about. Are you mad? Are you horrified? Are you uncomfortable? GOOD.


    The only thing in the art institute that reliably makes me sob is the collection of AIDS related art. The pile of candy in the corner piece specifically fucks me up.


    i’m obsessed with this painting called tomato king and i’m even more obsessed with the man who drew it. his name is stuart dunkel and he is a classical oboeist and he also paints tiny little oil paintings of mice living their best lives. he looks like this.


    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Is this the jelly bean guy???


    The guy who does the mice with jelly beans

    And dreidels, apparently


    Cool Tip

    If you are like me and always need to be working on something to keep your anxiety under control, during this quarentine why not helping scientists by looking at pictures of some neat penguins? or even galaxies? 
    There’s this site call Zooniverse, where you can help on scientific projects by analyzing pictures and data! 

    Right now my favorite project has returned, called Penguin Watch (where yeah, you get to watch penguins, it’s amazing)

    you basically have to analyse photos looking for penguins, their chicks, eggs or even predators and human interaction But there are lots of interesting projects you can help in areas such as biology, physics, history or even art: 

    Oh and the best part, some institutions even accept it as volunteering/service hour requirements for graduation and scholarships!! It’s helping me a lot during this time, so I thought it was worth sharing 


    Zooniverse is awesome. They have a relatively new project classifying and transcribing recordings of vintage Cuban radio around the revolution.

    Another project is about the fan and hate mail sent to Orson Welles after the broadcast of War of the Worlds.

    Another project is rescuing data from handwritten records from a Scottish weather station.

    “ Just gather us all in one place and kill us all with missiles. Let us all die at once as martyrs. Because what you’re doing right now is torture! “

    I am still sorry if putting this in blm and stop asian hate offends anyone, but as you know by now, social media platforms are preventing Palestine from trending. And you deserve to know the truth. And Palestinian deserve to be heard