Into The Knight

NYer, mid 30s straight male married to an amazing wife. I (husband) love women and their bodies, all shapes, sizes and age. Wifey likes viewing my page but has no experience with the lifestyle. I on the other hand have experience in swinger lifestyle as well as other activities before I met my wife. This blog is about my favorite experiences in the past and what turns me on. Have fun, enjoy life and love more.

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2022-08-09 02:01:10

    A Slutty Poem

    Love is blind, love in dumb, love is a pussy full of cum

    Hold me down and fuck me deep, unprotected till I fall asleep

    Make it good and make it hurt, pummel me good and make me squirt

    Feels much better when there’s danger, I don’t care if your a stranger

    Fuck my pussy to scratch my itch,Β Β force me down make me your bitch

    Love is blind, love is dumb, fill my pussy with your cum


    Poetry is beautiful, and so is breeding.