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2020-06-30 22:24:54

    So... I remembered an old fic that was one of my favorites, and it's still up on livejournal!!!!!

    G1 Thundercracker/Soundwave

    Listen.....it's good. And gave me my love for the word "stuffed" mkay


    @an0nymz In response to your tags, this was a cord used to hook up a PlayStation or PlayStation 2, with RCA heads on one end, and that rectangular head on the other end. It could also be used with a PS3, but PS3 also had an HDMI output, so most people used that.

    That is cool! I only ever had Playstation 3 and 4, so no wonder I’ve never seen that before!


    Here’s a closer look

    I’d show you the whole cable, but I’ve got things set up in a pretty specific way, and dissembling it would be a pain…


    Holy F UCK

    Have we really reached the year where some of you guys haven’t seen this before…?

    I haven’t had a console since I was a kid and my first thought was, “you mean you guys don’t have to do this any more?”

    Do you guys ever think about how old Cybertronians are?

    Cyberverse has got to be the longest time line where Cybertronians are living for more than 65 million years. They’re old asf

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but G1/IDW Cybertronians usually live to be several million years old? In G1, the Ark was just chilling there for 4 million years and poor Shockwave was waiting back on Cybertron lol

    Now Bayverse, they’re so young. The Seven Primes lived around 17,000 BC. So that probably makes their lifespan a few or several thousand years.

    All in all, Bayverse Cybertronians are BABIES. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk

    He’s a baby


    IDW Prowl VS Glitter ( courtesy of his S/O) please!

    “You’re getting glitter all over me...”

    You look up from Prowl’s spike, glossa still halfway out of your mouth and connected to him by oral lubricant, to give him a withering look. You shouldn’t even dignify his grumbling with a response.

    “Are you really going to complain about my paintjob when I’m blowing you? You can’t wait to complain for five seconds?” You should storm out and leave him in his office with a hard on, but you didn’t actually come here to surprise him. You have needs too!

    “I’m just saying I would be able to enjoy this a lot more if there wasn’t obvious evidence of what we’ve done all over my lap,” And he’s right. His thighs have iridescent glitters all over them, not nearly as jam-packed as your own armor, but when the fluorescent office lights hit him just right it’s undeniable that there is a distinct glimmer to his stark black paint.

    Your fingers glide across his legs to brush away the loose shimmers, but your servo just leaves more stuck to him. Everyone else likes your paintjob, and you love to boast about how Prowl paid for it, so it’s a small price to pay for your favorite luxury.

    “I think it looks good on you,” You kiss the tip of his spike, servo working quickly on the shaft of his waning erection, which startles a groan out of Prowl. He bucks up from his creaky office chair, helm tipped back as you work your tongue along his segmented length, “And wouldn’t it be hot to know others can tell what we’ve done.”