Diverses Gemischt
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2018-07-15 21:18:27

    The 1965’s movie Cat Ballou is what you can call a classic. I remember watching this movie on Tv as a child and every time appreciate this scene.

    Long intense close-up for Jane Fonda getting the rope tightened around the neck. And those facial expressions. pure wow. 

    Also this scene is redone by Kubrik as the reverie of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Generations has been daydreaming about this scene. 

    When this is the opening scene you know you are going to see a great movie. Well the movie, Copycat, was not so great but the hanging scene was both well done.

    This is the first one, were Sigourney weaver (oh yes!!) get assaulted in a bathroom and hanged from a  white pipe. Not to mention that great red dress it makes our Sigourney a real symbol of desire (to get hanged). Too bad there is no full body scene of her kicking.

    Great struggling and great kicking, and as I said, this is just the beginning. Wait for part 2.

    A German TV series called “Der Clown” and scriptwriters are already geniuses.

    Now imagine this, the scriptwriters are writing down the ending sequence of this episode, Rauchende colts, and they try to imagine a typical damsel in distress situation. This is the result.

    A good looking blonde woman stand on shoulders of a man while a rope is around her neck. The man under her feet has an apple in mouth who makes him hard to breath. The result is a short drop and an instant save. 

    From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s daughter was not a masterpiece as the first one from Robert Rodriguez. But the first one had not a hang scene so for me it’s a draw. 

    The girl getting hanged is, no offense, ugly, or tought it was ugly untill I see the actress who play the role of Reece (Jordana Spiro), a wannabe outlaw.

    Even if the make up makes her a little frumpy the kicking of the hanging is one of the best i’ve ever seen. 

    If Jordana Spiro interpreted the role without make-up on, it would be a real masterpiece even better then the first movie. Just saying. 

    When I first read the novel of Crichton and found out that there was a hanging in it I wondered if there was a picture. Surprisingly found out there was a 1978 movie starring Sir Sean Connery. 

    In the book the actual hanging is very short and the convict (Emma Barnes) dies quickly for a long drop. Here we have one of few case were the movie is actually better then the book although only for these scene.