So Arizona launched an “education hotline” that allows “concerned parents” to report “””critical race theory””” and other things like ~gender identity~ being taught in the classroom

    It would be a shame if the number and email were spread to bad actors looking to prank call the AZ Department of Education

    602-771-3500 or empower @ azed .gov 🤡


    and for the love of god, don’t just spam it with memes or le funny shrek jokes or whatever, they’ll just hang up

    make plausible-sounding reports for things that don’t actually exist, so that they actually have to waste time/resources investigating false leads - the goal is to waste time they would otherwise be using to do their jobs, not to get tumblr clout for being an epic troll


    So apparently the internet article said the superintendent wouldn't be deterred by the prank calls because they would 'taper off eventually'. It'd be a real shame if this post stayed in circulation via queues so they get a consistent list of prank calls to filter through. 😇


    Damn, would be real silly if someone automated phone bombing that number or something