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    earth signs are so funny……….. you have virgos who act like they absolutely hate you & come for your throat at every chance, meanwhile they’re actually deeply in love with you (and would kill anyone else for roasting you how they do)?????? then you have taureans barely acknowledging your existence and acting uninterested in you/unbothered by you meanwhile they’ve been in love with you secretly for 8 years (and yes they stalk your twitter likes daily)………..and then there’s capricorns, who simp in your dms 24/7 like their life depends on it but then tweet/talk publicly like they’ve never felt an emotion in their entire life jlkfdjflkd

    Reasons Why Fans of Color Leave/Don’t Interact with Fandom

  • Casual racism that is brushed off as “an innocent mistake” or “they didn’t mean it” and then everyone pretending like it didn’t happen and moving on with their day (repeat)
  • Speaking over fans of color about issues that pertain to them specifically
  • When fans of color speak out about something that makes them uncomfortable or why that don’t interact with it (usually because of the racial/ethnic bias) they are accused of being anti’s or pro-censorship
  • Characters of color being used as scapegoats/bashed/plot devices 
  • Characters of color never getting happy endings/real development
  • Backlash against characters of color if they do anything other than be a white character’s side kick/best friend
  • Actors of characters of color being harassed for something their character did or didn’t do
  • White characters/actors getting all the attention/credit despite the fact that they are a side character to a POC or on the same level as the POC
  • Fanfic authors patting themselves on the back for writing a “realistic” character of color and it’s just a bunch of stereotypes
  • Being told that they should be happy they were even included when they call out the above people
  • White fans crying about persecution/exclusion because their fav character/trope/kink/ship isn’t loved by all 
  • Fan artists re-imaging characters of color as white/lightening skin tone
  • Everyone rushing to a white fans defense after a well deserved call out while the fan of color receives hate
  • Never having a safe fandom space and always having to be on guard with new people/fandoms/chats etc because they’ve been burned before
  • Feel free to add

    - fetishization and depersonalization of characters of color (to serve the white character’s narrative)

    - (re)writing characters of color as abusive and/or violent to infantilize white characters

    - being asked to explain why ___ is racist when it’s been spoken about at length or could be googled

    New rule, non muslims can’t say the word jihad. Until you stop conflating a word that means personal struggle with faith and temptation with terrorism youre just not allowed to say it.


    I’m not a Muslim but I just thought I would reblog this because I think it’s definitely worth listening to.


    It’s totally okay for non muslims to reblog this, and i encourage it. Im just glad you’re listening.

    Oh god, finally someone said it. Every time I see words like “jihadist” I want to scream, but I’m not Muslim, so I wasn’t sure I should say anything. 

    Jihad means struggle. It doesn’t mean holy war or anything like it. In fact, there is no word in Islam for holy war, because the nature of Islam does not leave room for holy war. Islam has a juridical system, not a Pope who can just say “Go wage holy war.” Conflating the personal nature of jihad with violence is so very gross and it needs to stop. Period.

    Actually, there’s another word non-muslims in the media shouldn’t use:

    Allahu Akbar. It’s not a statement of terrorism. It means “god is great”. It’s something we say to praise our lord. It’s what we say when we pray. It’s not a statement of terrorism. Allahu Akbar doesn’t mean terrorism stop using it as one


    I would really appreciate it if non Muslims understood this


    y'all can start saying these things when yall understand what it is,


    Look I clown veganism often enough but really, truly, don’t ever fucking feed somebody something without their knowledge or consent. It’s hugely fucked up and not OK.

    also if someone hasn’t eaten meat in a while… or ever… they will get incredibly sick if they just start eating meat again.

    || Please don’t do this. Not just with vegans/ vegetarians, but with ANYONE you don’t know very well. You never know what they may or may not be allergic to, their abilities o(or lack thereof) to digest certain things, dietary needs and restrictions, religious beliefs requiring them to abstain from the consumption of certain foods and about a thousand other things.

    Some people are legitimately allergic to thd proteins in certain meats and can’t even eat anything cooked in the same pan as X meat product/s.

    I’m vegan but couldn’t care less if others aren’t, not an overwhelming number of (not all, just alot, unfortunately) non vegans find things like this funny.

    Quick reminder: Sometimes people say “I’m vegan” or “I’m vegetarian” because its easier/faster/begets fewer annoying questions than the longer explanation.

    As an epidemiologist I can list a few of the more annoying longer explanations that no one wants to have to explain to every person who ever offers them food:

    - You drank water contaminated with giardia, which gave you 3 weeks of diarrhea followed by 3 years of lactose intolerance

    - You were bitten by a Lone Star Tick and developed an allergy to beef and pork because the Lone Star Tick is a bastard

    - You are Jewish and the meat isn’t kosher, but you don’t want to say that because antisemitism is A Thing and you don’t want to get bombarded with questions about the Middle East while you’re hungry

    - You are Muslim and the meat isn’t halal, but you don’t want to say that because Islamophobia is A Thing and you don’t want to get bombarded with questions about the Middle East while you’re hungry

    - You are on a restricted diet for medical reasons and don’t want to get bombarded with questions about your medical history while you’re hungry

    - You are on a restricted diet for reasons that *are nobody’s business* and don’t want to get pulled into Potentially Triggering Diet Talk while you’re hungry.

    Listen. Food can be very very complicated for people, and a very very very sensitive subject. Respect people’s food restrictions. None of it is your business.

    Several of these points listed apply to me and my family. Please do not feed us something and lie about it. We don’t time to be that sick.

    Why is it that when Black people and people of colour have been calling out racism in youtubers for literally ever since they had a platform everyone would just call us over sensitive and unable to take a joke and aggressive and tell us we just need to get over it, but now the exact same people we’ve been calling out for years for this exact stuff are finally getting what they deserve because what, white people finally wanna draw a line? We are constantly dismissed and neglected when we voice our pain at how pervasive racism is in the entertainment and we were just told to shut up and take it in silence. What the fuck changed and why did it take so fucking long? It really goes to show how much people don’t give a shit about what we have to say.

    People keep saying “it was acceptable to make those jokes then.” No it fucking wasnt. You were just a stupid white person who didn’t care and just laughed along because you were all as fucking racist as the idiots making those jokes and videos themselves. Accept that and take accountability for it instead of trying to dismiss these actions as a “product of their time,” because it wasn’t. We were always trying to tell you how hurtful and unacceptable it was, we were always calling it out. There was never a time we found it funny. You just didn’t listen because you were too busy laughing along. Black people and people of colour have never found racist jokes against them funny, we don’t think it was funny in 2011 and we didn’t think it was funny today. It’s always been hurtful to us and we’ve BEEN saying it but you never fucking wanted to listen when it was inconvenient to you and your comfort and entertainment. Black people have never found black face or police brutality jokes funny. Jewish people have never fount anti Semitic jokes to be funny. People of colour have never found racist jokes to be funny because these things have never been “racist JOKES” to us, they’ve just been RACIST.

    Racism wasn’t funny to you because it was 2011, racism was funny to you because you were fucking racist.

    LET HIM KNOW 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    This like *just* happened. Here’s a wapo link, which includes video of the moment. His name is Mike Gelin, and he’s a councilman for the city of Tamarac, FL

    Also, this isnt up for dispute.

    Gelin recorded the entire incident on his phone, which caused the charges to be dropped when the video evidence directly contradicted what the cop wrote down in his report.

    The cop was caught falsifying a police report and still is considered a stellar cop.

    я не говорю по-русски, но вы возьмете свою странную фотографию лошади, и вам это понравится, мудак.


    что, черт возьми?

    я не знаю, что происходит. Я устал и использую онлайн-переводчиков для подделки поддельных русских подписей. Я боюсь, как быстро мои родители стареют.

    Я не верю, что ваши предки быстро возрастут, если вы продолжаете смотреть на них. ибо время - это река, которая течет, как море, и не берет ни одного заключенного. доверяете ли вы тому, что говорят вам пальцы? освободить их

    Наконец-то люди говорят на нормальном языке 

    ах, другой, кто говорит на высшем языке! я рад вас встретить. я также боюсь, как быстро мои пальцы ног упадут и боятся за будущее моего младшего брата


    Я призываю древних демонов. и откладывать на поверхность земли. Истребите человеческие отходы, как те, которые у них есть; пировать их мозги, как поп-пироги прямо из сумки.

    кто-нибудь в этой теме курил сорняк?