who are your fav nsfw sfm makers?

Well there are plenty of artists I like because they’re good animators or nice people and there’s artists I like because they make content I enjoy and also (the ones I know personally) are cool people :)

If I had to choose because of what they make (in no particular order):

  • BigJohnson
  • T-Soni
  • NoName55 (there’s a reason I will not link him)
  • Marm
  • Imflain
  • ehot611
  • Moneyshot
  • Nyl
  • Snellum
  • Flash
  • MikeyMacks
  • In terms of animation quality and who they are as a person (in no particular order):

  • Vismund
  • 1kmspaint
  • Blood8407
  • FiesterVino
  • Haku
  • Varris
  • GarbageFactory
  • Metsfmgay
  • Go check them out :)

    Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, except Mets because he’s a gypo and should go back to his own country :^)