if i was a vampire i would hang up a bunch of pictures in my house but for some reason inexplicably one wall of pictures would have them all hung sideways and then whenever the rando i’ve lured into my Vampire House looks at them they’ll instinctively tilt their head to one side to look at the pictures thus leaving their neck wide open for Vampire Shenanigans to ensue. step one of making this plan happen is becoming a vampire. if you’re a vampire i’ll totally let you have my very good idea but in exchange you gotta make me a vampire also, no take backsies

    theres a hole in the wall in my brothers’ room because they were fighting (for fun not anger) in there once and one of them knocked the other into the wall so hard his head made that hole, so they put two small skeletons in there for decoration

    they tapped up the “décor” sign up because according to them the skeleton is named décor and the one underneath him is his husband. also worth noting that they found 2 dollars in there the other day