Adult themes with captions,written by me, based on characters in The Story of O by Pauline Reage

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2021-02-25 13:02:34

    “You’re going to be a good girl for me tonight, aren’t you, pet?”

    I tried to say, “Yes, Master,” with the flogger handle in my mouth, but it came out garbled, so I nodded, hoping he saw the sincerity in my eyes. His hands cupped my breasts, pinching and tugging my nipples to hard little points before he put the nipple clamps on. He watched my face, tightening the clamps just a bit beyond my first wince.

    The weight of the chain between the clamps made my breasts sway slightly, and he smiled when I whimpered. He leaned in, the promise of his lips just millimeters away from mine.

    “Be very still,” he said as he took the flogger and stepped back. “It’s going to hurt a lot more if you wiggle, sweetheart.”

    I looked over my shoulder at him, pleadingly.

    “Don’t worry,” he assured me, “you can scream and cry and beg if you need to. But I’m not going to stop until your needy little pussy is dripping down your thighs.”


    I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup when he spun my around and lifted me so that I was sitting on the edge of the bathroom sink. His mouth covered mine hungrily, his hand finding its way unerringly between my legs. 

    Now, it was his fault I wasn’t wearing panties, and that I was wet, because he looked practically edible in his suit, with the top button of his dress shirt not yet fastened. He groaned when his fingers found me hot and slick, my pussy clenching at his invasive touch. He moaned into my mouth, licking and biting at my lips. 

    “Touch me,” he demanded, “Feel what you’ve done to me walking around in those ridiculous heels.”

    He was iron-hard under my seeking fingertips, thrusting himself against my hand as I wrapped it around his cock through his pants. Clinging to his shoulder with my free hand, I returned his kiss with interest, sucking at his tongue like I was longing to do with his cock.

    “I am definitely going to have to punish you later,” he murmured against my cheek. “Because we are going to be late…very late.”