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    “You really like it? Even though it’s so small? Aww, thank you!”

    A little gift I made for a friend. I was going to wait until I had some other stuff to post along with it, but seeing as I've been doing some private art recently that I can’t share just yet, I thought I might as well give you guys a little something while you wait.

    It seems like every day more and more students are having friendship problems that they need time together to sort out. At this rate, Twilight might need to hire a helper. Or maybe build a bigger office.

    (Context for why her butt is so big)

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    Hey everyone! Couple things.

    First of all, Tumblr’s blowing up, ain’t it? I haven’t been hit with any flags yet, but the moment I do, I’m cutting my losses and moving over to Twitter. So if you like my stuff, I’d strongly recommend giving my twitter a follow. Or, if you’d prefer, you can follow my artist tag on Derpibooru! Art from both of my blogs is uploaded under the tag “artist:ithinkitsdivine”, but you can filter out the fetishes that you don’t like, it’s nice and easy.

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    With the secrets of the “Big Butt” spell finally unlocked, and the mares of Equestria enamored by their expanded posteriors, some savvy business ponies have found ways of capitalizing on the “booty-mania.”

    One such pony was Mr. Filthy Rich, owner and operator of Rich’s Barnyard Bargains, as well as it’s new sister company, Barnyard Booties, a butt-expansion service which has attracted mares from far and wide.

    "The secret to our success lies in our innovative business model.” says Mr. Rich, “Backside reduction is absolutely free, which encourages mares to explore our larger, more expensive packages without fear of going too big... if such a thing is even possible!”

    With the continued success of establishments like Barnyard Booties, and no end to the booty craze in sight, it seems that expanding bottoms is a great way of expanding your bottom line.

    After a few months of living with the “Big Butt” spell, even a stubborn mare like Applejack had to admit that widening a few doors wouldn’t go amiss.

    (Sorry for my absence. Working on a large project in the background. I’ll be back to the regular schedule at the end of October.)

    My Desperation Art Has Moved!


    If you’ve been following this blog for the omorashi, but you don’t really care too much about vore/inflation/big butts, then go ahead and unfollow this blog and go follow the new one! There’s a brand new picture already there waiting for you...

    If you’re here for the big butts and big bellies, but you don’t like seeing ponies that need to pee, then don’t worry! You don’t need to do anything! All desperation art from now on will be found only on the other page.

    And if you’re here for both fetishes... well, go follow both blogs! Pretty simple really.

    Voting is over! Thanks to everyone who took part!

    So there we have it. The final numbers! Bon Bon got a lot of love right there at the end! This was a fun little series for posting in-between my other pictures. I’ll try to come up with some more interactive stuff for the future. For now, let’s give these two a little break to “soak it all in.”

    Part 1: Here
    Part 2: Here
    Part 3: Here
    Part 4: Here
    Part 5: You’re already here! 

    Hey, look at that, she made it! Or at least she got most of it in. Well, half. Or maybe slightly less than half. Point is, it was a good effort!

    So ends the “Rainbow Desperate” series. But I plan on making much more omorashi in the future. And since this particular scenario was a request rather than my own idea, I’ll probably be revisiting Dash again. Though I think I’ll be sticking to one panel stuff for a wee while.

    Get it? “Wee while?”

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

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    For four and a half years, Equestrian magic experts tried and failed to find a cure for the “Big Butt” spell that had affected every mare in Equestria. However, when the culprit behind the incident was finally caught, and they relinquished their findings to the royal authorities in exchange for a lighter sentence, it at last gave magical researchers a hoof in the door. With the original spell in her possession, Princess Celestia was confidant that creating a way to counter it would be a piece of cake.

    The task was delegated to a team of royal researchers based at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Included on the team was Twilight Sparkle, an extremely powerful unicorn who was considered by many to be the Princess’s most faithful student, and Moon Dancer, a devoted young researcher who had always shown great potential in her magical studies.

    Ever eager to prove her dedication to the Princess, Twilight Sparkle offered up her over-sized flank as the guinea pig for the experiments. After a few failed attempts, the counter spell took effect, reducing Twilight’s rump to a smallness that hadn’t been seen in any mare for almost five years. However, not wanting to be known as the mare with the smallest backside in Equestria, Twilight requested to have her big butt restored until the counter spell could be cast on a worldwide scale. As the incident report shows, Moon Dancer’s execution of the spell was slightly off, and Twilight Sparkle ended up receiving much more backside than she bargained for.

    Twilight’s butt was quickly reduced to a more sane size with no harm done, but those who have been lucky enough to see her purple plot in person often make the claim that it’s still slightly - just slightly - bigger than the average mare’s. As of yet, these rumors are unconfirmed, and Twilight Sparkle herself hasn’t made any public effort to dispel the speculation - if anything, she’s been encouraging it. But if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Twilight certainly does not have the smallest backside in Equestria. Not by a long shot.

    Show-accurate vector of this image by @bellspurgebells.

    Didn’t realize there was such a thing as “Vore Day.” But I might as well get into the spirit with another picture based on some BellsPurgeBells art. This one only took me a few hours to make. I’m getting pretty speedy at this!


    Part 1: Here
    Part 2: Here
    Part 3: Here
    Part 4: You’re already here!
    Part 5: H

    This is your final chance to vote on who you want to inflate! The next part will be the last, so if you want a bigger Bon Bon or a Larger Lyra, thenuse the link above to go to the straw poll!

    Sisters before misters. Even if that mister is your brother.

    In case you’re wondering why her butt is so big, I decided that my vore/inflation pics can follow the same continuity as my “Big Silly Butt” pics. I figure that people who like big squishy circular bellies probably won’t have a problem with big squishy circular butts, so why not?

    She’s been holding it in for hours now. But what are the chances she’ll lose control in the two seconds it takes her to fly across the station platform? Well... sitting cross-legged on a train is one thing. Moving about? That’s quite another...

    Part 3 of the Rainbow Desperate request. And this was going to be the final part, too (the requester didn’t ask to see the waterworks). But so many people have been hoping to see Dash go splash, so I think I’ll make just one more...

    Part 1
    Part 2

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    Part 1: Here
    Part 2: Here
    Part 3: You’re already here! 
    Part 4: H
    Part 5: H

    Use the link up top to pick the pony you want to see inflated in the next part! Because of Derpibooru’s rules against incentivising the voting system, you can no longer make them inflate that way. So feel free to upvote or downvote as you see fit.

    This part feels a bit samey to the last one. I think for part 4 I’ll try from a different angle, to keep things fresh. And also to disguise the fact that I’ve totally gone wonky with my measurements ^^;

    When you have thousands of children, it’s a good idea to invest in more than one bathroom.

    Someone asked for some Chrysalis Desperation, so I came up with a little scenario for it. I like doing that. If anyone has a character they want to see desperate/vored, let me know and I’ll make up a little scene for it like I did here. 

    Don’t suggest characters to be inflated though. Not yet. I have plans for that...

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    The ponies of Equestria are no strangers to adversity, but five years before the return of Nightmare Moon, they faced a crisis the likes of which had never been seen before or since. One summer morning, every mare from Cloudsdale to Appleloosa awoke to find their backsides had expanded to an incredible size, with each cheek slightly bigger than the owner’s head. The Equestria-wide affliction had occurred without warning or explanation, only seeming to spare the very old and the very young.

    Panic stricken mares by the dozens wobbled their way down to the nearest medical centre to see if anything could be done about their oversized rumps. However, despite the efforts of the greatest medical and magical minds in Equestria, the giant butts seemed as though they were here to stay.

    It wasn’t long before Equestrian authorities suspected that the sudden... “endowment” was an intentional act. Celestia herself issued a royal investigation into the bizarre occurrence, and sure enough, within a few days, a trail was found. However, finding the trail was the easy part - it would take another four and a half years before the perpetrator could be identified, tracked, and brought to justice.

    Little has been disclosed about the culprit, but it is known that they are an extraordinarily powerful wizard who unlocked the secrets of widespread, targeted transmogrification… and who chose to use it for their own perverted ends. In exchange for a lighter sentence, the wizard agreed to share their findings with Celestia’s researchers, who were able to whip up a counter-spell in a matter of days.

    However, Celestia faced a new problem. Upon announcing the creation of the counter-spell, many despondent ponies approached her requesting - politely - that the “Big Butt” spell be left alone. And no, it wasn’t just the stallions who were making these requests; plenty of mares stepped forward to advocate the preservation of the plump pony plots.

    Four years is a long time to get used to something. Every mare had adapted to walking around with the extra weight, the athletes and dancers had found a new centre of balance, doors had been widened and new clothes had been bought… everywhere in Equestria now accommodated for the extra size. And this is all without mentioning how fond the mares of Equestria had grown of their added attractiveness, especially the lesbian and bisexual mares, who were nothing short of enamoured.

    So ultimately, Celestia put it to a vote. Thousands of ladies squeezed their over-sized derrières into the booths to have their say. And even with stallions prohibited from voting, the consensus was clear… the big booties weren’t going anywhere. It seems the mares of Equestria are quite attached to their butts. A fact that I think we can all be thankful for.