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    Nature in Florida is so weird??

    I was out hiking where the trail ran alongside this river that was moving pretty fast, but a couple miles in it just disappeared.

    The river was gone. It just stopped, like someone had snipped it in half and taken away the rest.

    So I stopped and stared at it a while, trying to figure out what the heck was going on, because the water was flowing very rapidly, but the river had abruptly ended.

    Finally, this old man in a pair of worn overalls stopped next to me to watch as well, before leaning over and asking

    “First time seein’ it?”

    I responded “yes”, and he continued:

    “It goes underground here, pops back up some three miles west. Not the best swimmin’ spot, for obvious reasons, though that don’t stop people from tryin’.”

    So I asked him what he meant and he said,

    “Lots of dumb folk with no regard for God’s nature die out here every year. Scientists, usually.”

    We talked a little more and eventually went our separate ways, but when I got home I decided to look in to what happens to the river when it plunges underground like that.

    It turns out it submerges and travels through a complex cave system for a few miles, and millions of gallons of pressurized water travels through there each day.

    It gets cooler though!

    Apparently, when water levels were low enough during a drought, researchers were able to send divers and probes through the cave system and found both animal and human remains, some of which included mastodons, dire wolves, saber-toothed cats and more. The human remains date back to about 7500 BC.

    Anyway, Florida is weird and we have deadly underground rivers filled with cool prehistoric animals I guess.

    Please help a homeless, chronically ill trans woman

    Post date 05/13/21

    Making a new post since that tends to help.

    My friend Charlotte is a trans woman with Lupus living out of her van. She has dealt with frequent harassment, violence, and instability while homeless and she needs support. She needs at least $160 raised by tomorrow (05/14) for a student loan bill, and more if possible for other upcoming expenses. Ideally trying to save up at least $500. You can read more about her situation here.

    VENM0: @ ruby_arnone (subject “for Charlotte”)

    CASHAPP: $charlotterose86