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2019-04-23 12:01:26

    My first time

    My first time was when I was 13 and at my best friend’s house naked on my hands and knees sucking his dick he was sitting on the couch when his dog Jack came up behind me quietly and licked my ass, and Brian is lucky I didn’t bite it off, cuz Jack scared the bejesus out of me.

    Brian laughed and said good boy turns out Brian has been training Jack to do this. Brian and I are going to be fooling around it at this point for a couple weeks that’s a different story this is my first time taking the dog knot.

    So Brian’s laughing and says good boy. He talks me into letting him Mount me, he has fucked me before but I never thought of a dog fucking me before. I was curious so I said okay and after a couple attempts with Brian helping he got it in there and Jack was a black lab he wasn’t small remember I’m 13 and he fucked me really hard and I got hard and when hebswelled up inside and I could feel him coming all inside me he must have hit the right spot and I came so hard I almost blacked out then he was stuck in me for 30 minutes and Brian said it’s okay just relax it’ll be out after he’s done. So when it finally came out it came out with a pop and squishing soud. I ran to the bathroom in I swear at least the liter of come came out of me..