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2021-06-15 21:51:42

    looking up to her

    When I take photos I always kind of fall in love with the model, at least for the duration of the session and sometimes I tell them: I’m going to caress you with the light and with my camera. And that’s what I do.

    Silene is one of those wonderful and natural sensual girls of which I can’t get enough. When she doesn’t shave for a while her bush grows so very long, thick and beautifully dark that one literally wants to dive in that forest to discover all the secrets that must be hidden in there.

    You for sure can imagine that in my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/danielbauer there are lots of beautiful artistic nudes of her (and of many other very sensual natural models you can’t find anywhere else) and if you know me a little bit you know that I can never resist to also reveal those tempting secrets that for the rest of the world remain hidden hidden under the huge bush of soft curly hairs.

    My Patreon is about my artistic approach to female sensuality and eroticism. A huge gallery of thousands of art nudes waits to be discovered by you, and, if you like, countless very explicit insights.

    My lovely young models give there best for you, and I try to give my best, too. Please support my work and the models who so openly and enthusiastic take part in it.

    Are you curious? Just have a look: