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    Good news of you have a low income and a high internet bill: The Biden Administration is changing that.

    The Affordable Connectivity Program will provide plans of at least 100 Megabits per second of speed for no more than $30. An estimated 48 million Americans will qualify.

    Twenty internet providers, including national companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, as well as regional companies, such as Hawaiian Telecom and Jackson Energy Authority in Tennessee, have committed to the program.

    To see if you qualify, go to:




    If you qualify for the benefit, it will reduce your monthly bill by $30. ADDITIONALLY, if you get internet through a participating company that caps at $30, the discount still applies, which means your internet is free. Cutoff is 200% federal poverty level, which is about $27k for one person.


    The nuns who took care of the building are thrilled that skaters saved the church. They even let the skaters push them around on the skateboards.


    I looked it up to verify and found not only that one but also


    If they make another Tony Hawk, this needs to be in there


    I wanted to read more about the nuns so here it is from their facebook page:

    Also, the building is currently closed and theyre raising money to get the remodeling needed



    Vampire Money (actually heard Mikey FOR ONCE LMAO)

    Eden Show 16/5/22


    [Video description: My Chemical Romance onstage. They do the Vampire Money spoken intro as follows:

    “Gerard: Are you ready, Ray?

    Ray, brightly: Yeah!

    Gerard: How ‘bout you, Frank?

    Frank, conversational and deadpan: I’ve been known to be ready.

    Gerard: How ‘bout you, Mikey? 

    Mikey, faintly into Gerard’s mic: Fuckin’ ready

    Gerard: Fuckin’ good.”

    They play the rest of the intro and Gerard sings the first verse through, “And get a parking violation-” until the video cuts off. /End ID] 

    shane: i think it’d be fun to beat the shit out of a mannequin with a baseball bat — you grab a big ol’ bat, get ur louisville slugger, imagine just beating that thing in the head — just right in the head — that’s gotta be satisfying especially if you cave that thing in ! just kinda lose yourself in it til ur just slick with sweat !