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    Rachel's Ecstasy

    Rachel was obsessed with pregnancy risk. Her bedtime routine often involved reading impregnation and breeding blogs, while imagining the fingers she slipped between her legs were a cock preparing to fill her womb.

    That night, she’d brought herself to orgasm reading about a woman being gangbanged by a handful of bareback fraternity brothers after losing a bet. The woman’s transformation from a self-assured modern woman to an unthinking, powerless vessel for the men’s seed drove her over the edge. After her climax subsided, she closed her eyes to drift to sleep. But sleep wouldn’t come. Her body was still buzzing with sexual energy. Her sleep-deprived, lust driven brain kept spinning, looking for some greater form of release.

    Rachel was never an overtly sexual girl. A strict Protestant upbringing led her to believe she had to save herself for marriage, and insecurity made her wear clothes that concealed her body. All this made the thought that came to her that night seem so crazy.

    She found her camera and snapped a picture of her body from the neck down. Then another. And another. Something about this secret exhibitionism made her moist, and compelled her to keep taking pictures. After few minutes of posing, the thrill started wearing off. Chasing after that lusty high, she transferred the photos onto her laptop and reviewed them.

    Seeing herself nude was a revelation. Her “pale” skin looked creamy white. The breasts she always covered up jutted proudly from her chest. The large, puffy pink nipples she’d always been embarrassed about even looked good. She realized their size was an asset - providing a big target for babies to suckle at. Her “wide” hips were smooth and soft - perfect for breeding.

    Driven by lust, and emboldened by the anonymity of the Internet, she picked her favorite shot and submitted it to the blog she’d been reading. Her knees buckled when she hit “submit,” her body rewarding her daring move by flooding her brain with dopamine. Thinking how naughty she’d just been, she brought herself to orgasm quickly, and was finally fell asleep.

    As she prepared for class the next morning, she signed in to her account to see whether she’d actually sent a nude pic to a stranger or just dreamed it the night before. She froze in shock when she saw her newsfeed. She’d definitely sent the picture. And the guy posted it. 1800 people had already favorited the post, and almost 200 had reblogged it. Every time she hit refresh, the numbers surged higher.

    She was mortified. Sending a naked picture to one stranger was crazy enough, she’d never considered the possibility that others could see it. Much less thousands of other people. She slammed her laptop shut, hoping it would go away. She took solace in the fact that there was nothing in the photo that revealed her identity, and she’d sent it in using her alt username.

    She didn’t hear a word anyone said during her first class of the day. Her mind was too distracted, worrying about the photo. After class, she locked herself in a bathroom stall and pulled up the site to see how far the photo had spread. Then she started reading the comments. “I’d breed a baby into that bitch.” “Look at the juices dropping out of that cunt - that whore is begging for a load.” “I’d give my left nut to blow a load on those tits.”

    She was floored. She’d never thought of herself as a sex object. Reading the depraved comments about her body made her pussy tingle, but before she could reach between her legs and do something about it, she realized she’d been sitting in the stall for way too long. She quickly exited the bathroom, and walked to her next class.

    Once again, she couldn’t pay attention to the professor. The idea of men actually wanting her to breed her made her body ripple with lusty heat. Her skin glistened as she began to sweat. Hoping to cool down, she pushed up her sleeves and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. Then the third, and the fourth. Her shirt opened enough to reveal her bra and the top of her tummy, but she was in the back row of the class, so it didn’t matter. The extra ventilation helped cool her down, but her mind was still racing.

    Her tits were rock hard, and a damp spot was quickly growing in her panties. When class ended, she didn’t button her shirt back up. The shirt covered her breasts, she figured, and she wanted to know men were looking at the v-shaped gap in the fabric and picturing the rest of her nude.

    Walking through the hall, she noticed men of all ages checking her out. Some of them tried to be sly, while others boldly stared her down. She felt like a piece of meat, and her whole body buzzed with desire. She was losing control - not considering the long term impacts of her behavior. She knew there was only so much she could show off before it became public indecency, but the rush of being sexually desired was addictive. She needed to get off, before she found herself strolling naked through the quad.

    During her third and final class, she sat in the back row, with a sweater over her lap, and fingered herself. The risk of getting caught helped her get off quickly, but the climax did nothing to slake her desire. So she escalated, slipping her panties off and stuffing them in her bag. When the professor announced that class was over, she practically sprinted for the door.

    Desperate for release, she walked straight to the nearby townie bar, hoping to either dull her desires with alcohol or find someone to bring home to fuck. She got there at about noon, and the place was dead. Making the best of the situation, she ordered a hamburger with a double Long Island and plopped into a corner booth to wait for her order.

    Within seconds, a familiar looking man sat down next to her in the booth. She recognized him from her last class. Before she could ask his name, he dipped his hands between her legs, touching her damp lips. “That’s what I thought,” he said, “no panties.” An inkling of doubt crossed her mind, and she became embarrassed by the amount of skin she was showing.

    “I’m Zach,” he said. She’d only gotten out the word “I’m” when Zach cut her off. “Warm holes for cocks,” he said, before she could say her name. “ I don’t care what your parents call you. A hole doesn’t need a name. I saw you fingerfucking yourself class, and stripping off your panties. Pretending you’re anything other than a walking flesh light would be a lie.”

    Being degraded like this only made her more aroused. She was drunk with lust - tunnel vision set in, until the only thing she could see was the massive bulge in Zach’s jeans.

    She saw Zach’s hands drop to his lap and unzip his fly, exposing his cock. Then a hand disappeared from the lap, and she felt it pushing her head into his crotch. For a second, her brain tried to stop her from going further. She couldn’t do this here - if someone caught them, she’d never be able to show her face here. She thought about suggesting they go to her house, but before she could say anything, she realized her tongue was already pressing against his flesh.

    She explored the length of his cock with her tongue, feeling the veiny ridges of his shaft and the rubbery firmness of his head. Sliding back down the shaft, she arrived at his scrotum - the part that made sex so risky and profound. She savored licking the salty sweat from its wrinkly flesh and kissed each testicle lovingly, in awe of their life creating contents. As she took his cock into her mouth, she felt him pulling her skirt off. She didn’t object - it was too late to worry about someone catching them. She had just become “that chick who blew a dude in the corner booth during lunch that day,” so there was not point in pretending she was chaste. She quickly saddled Zach’s lap, hoping to discreetly fuck a load of semen out of him. She gently pushed her labia against his cock, letting her lips slide up and down the length of his shaft. “Fuck me,” she pleaded. “Get on the table,” he replied. He wanted everyone to see her being used, and realizing that made her body tremble with pleasure. She obediently draped her body on the table, aiming her sex in his direction.

    He entered her without hesitation, and was soon thrusting into her rapidly. Unlike other men she’d been with, he didn’t seem to care how long he lasted. He made no effort to slow down, or prolong the event to make sure she reached orgasm. Instead, he fucked her like an animal - trying to reach ecstasy as quickly as possible, so he could go about his day. She felt like a piece of flesh, irrelevant except for the pleasure it provided the man inside her. Waves of electric pleasure rolled over her body as her first orgasm hit. She was dimly aware of rapturous moans escaping her lips. All that mattered was pleasing the cock inside her so it would release its seed.

    She felt the tip of his shaft slamming roughly against her cervix, and realized she was living out her fantasy. She didn’t need to be convinced to breed - being filled up with babies was her deepest desire. “Fuck me Zach, fill me up, put a baby in me.” He didn’t respond. Instead, he kept thrusting into her. She exulted in the feeling of being used- serving as nothing more than a tunnel of warm, wet flesh designed to extract cum, and a womb to contain it while it waited to attack an egg to make a baby.

    She reached between their legs and found his scrotum - imagining it growing heavy with seed that would make make her pregnant. She fondled it lovingly, hoping the attention would increase the load that was building inside him. She moaned loudly, as the thought of being bred made her climax again. The knowledge that her womb was opening to the man inside her broke her brain. “Give me your cum,” she pleaded, “I don’t care if I ever see you again, I just need to be filled with babies. Please, don’t make me wait any longer. I exist to turn semen into sons or daughters for anyone who claims me. So claim me with your seed.”

    Hearing her crazed ramblings sent Zach over the edge. He plunged into her cunt and moaned as he began to cum. She felt the tip of his cock bump against the entrance to her womb before filling it with scalding hot jets of his seed. His hips bucked forward as his body instinctively worked to increase the odds of conception. He wasted no time pulling out of her once his orgasm faded away. Having ejaculated, Zach had no need for her. He zipped up his jeans, and left without a word. Knowing the fun was over, but not ready to deal with the fallout from her public depravity, she closed her eyes and leaned her head off the edge of the table, welcoming his seed into her core.

    Before she could open her eyes, the meaty head of a strange cock slipped past her lips and into her mouth. She opened her eyes to see one of the bartenders hovering over her with his phone, taking pictures of her lips stretching around his shaft. A line of men had formed by their booth, as everyone waited for their chance to fuck her pregnant. When she left the bar four hours later, she’d lost count of the men who’d been inside her.


    Don't let a fantasy remain just a fantasy. Breed.

    Relax and let go.

    Let your anxiety fade as I undress you. You know there are no condoms and you haven't taken birth control since the start of lockdown. These aren't issues you're sure I'll pull out. Let their stress leave you. You're naked now and I'm behind you, my bare cock teasing the entrance of your sopping wet pussy. Live in the moment as I push my length deep inside you, nothing between us. You can't help but moan as I start to fuck you. Whatever stress you had before is now long gone... you don't even remember what you were stressed about as you feel your orgasm approaching. I flip you over and my pace increases as you stare into my eyes, losing yourself in them. You feel my thrusts becoming erratic as your orgasm hits your body spasms as you lose control pulling my lips to your and our bodies together... It's some time before you come down from your orgasmic high. You realise my body, still and shakily breathing heavy your legs wrapped around my waist with a vice-like grip. As you release you feel the hot surge of cum leak from your pussy... No anxiety or stress. Your smile spread across your face. You feel fulfilled... Now a beautiful mother to be.


    Headphones Recommended


    Dear Daddy,

    Will you take me on a drive? Through the forest, top down, secluded road, no one around for miles.

    Will you reach over and run your fingers up my legs? Sneak them under the soft fabric of my skirt. Call me a Good Girl when you go all the way and confirm that I am naked.

    Following the rules.

    Baring my cunt, and my soul to you.

    Vulnerable. Easy. Owned. Yours to command, and control.

    Yours to indulge…

    Will you tease me? Run your fingers along my slit, lightly, slowly, achingly, driving me up a wall. Whispering how you’re going to give Kitten her cream. Making me want more.

    Will you make me whine for you to pull over, whimpering, begging, pleading for the kind of relief you cannot give me with one hand.

    Call me a tempting, naughty, smart little harlot as you make me wait.

    Will you build me up Daddy? Slip your fingertip in through my sticky mess, and press down on my clit?

    Mmmm. Fuck. Will you run your fingers along me, sliding over my nub, pinching, hurting, yearning…

    Will you please please please pull over Daddy? Will you stop the car abruptly, unbuckle your seat, crush my mouth with yours and jam one, two, three fingers in?

    Will you command me out of the car, push me down in the brush, hands up over my head, body pinned into the dirt, the weight of you on me as you dominate me with your cock?

    Will you not fucking stop?

    Will you tell me I’m a good little slut, taking you so deep into me. Call me your greedy, needy, filthy fucking girl as you bottom out and make me cry in pain.

    Moan in pleasure.

    Whimper in joy at the mix of the two. At belonging to you.

    Don’t ever stop fucking me Daddy, loving me Daddy, healing me, Daddy.


    Bite me, mark me, push me, pull me, make me feel you with every delicious hurt. Leave marks on my body, brands on my skin, your name in every welt you gift me.

    I need your frenzy. I need your greed. I need your need. Need you everywhere, sliding into every hole, filling every empty space, knowing everything I need.

    Will you turn me over, and do it?

    Will you?

    Will you put your thumb there?

    Will you put your tongue there?

    Will you make me tell you where?

    Will you warm me up, and pull me open and jam one, two, three fingers in?

    Will you replace them with your cock.

    God. Will you call me a good girl as I take you in my ass.

    Tell me what a filthy, greedy, slutty anal whore I am for you?

    When I say ouch, fuck, ouch….will you go deeper and tell me I can take it?

    Can I take it?

    Will you make me take it, Daddy?

    Will you push me to my limit, make me beg for release. Will you make me a shivering, drippy mess, as you pull every ounce of music from me?

    Will you pull out, spank my clit a couple of times as a distraction, cock clean and ready, and sliding back home.

    Will you go Hard? Rough? Deep? Over and over, fingers rubbing my clit as you demand an encore from me.

    Will you whisper your needs into me. Naming me your cock hungry, needy, greedy, messy, little slut. Making me yearn. Making me groan. Making me move with you, chase you, milk you, beg you to breed me.

    Will you? Oh God. Please, Daddy, Please.

    Yes. Fuck. Make me see stars, and babies, daddy, unleash your seed into me!

    Will you please breed me?!

    Will you hold me as you do, sending prayers into my womb.

    Will you watch me when it’s over? Face down, smile on my chipmunk cheeks, sunlight glistening between my legs…contracting as you drip out of me.

    Will you push my plug into gaping bum, and make me keep it there, contracting along with my messy cunt. Making me feel your dominance, your control, your ownership.

    Fuck. Dear. Dear. Dear Daddy. Fuck.

    Will you take me on a drive?


    Note: Daddy always has wet wipes to clean his hands when switching from ass to anything else. For your partners safety, please clean your digits, all of them, everytime. Further safety instructions here.


    Do you want to come for a drive?


    Get me pregnant. Please get me pregnant. I want it. I want a baby. Cum inside me. Please.


    Fuck my slutty pussy hard and drain your balls into me. Give me every drop of your cum. Breed me. Make me have your baby.

    I want you to knock me up. I want to be pregnant. I want big pregnant tits and a horny pregnant pussy for you to fuck.


    She’d been in chains. She’d been paraded around at dungeon parties by men before. She even thought she might be collared once. Each act of submission had brought her tantilizing excitement, but it was all fleeting.

    Now, in her simple comfy clothes, round with twins - she feels truely conquered, completely overtaken and owned. Her life from now on would be dictated by this one man’s potent, pleasure-driven decision. He would go on to other conquests as was his right, while she would remain ever tied to improving his legacy.

    This feeling of perfect joy in submission she knew would never fade.


    I’ll be a breeding cow. Hopefully for Daddy


    Here’s some fun facts for you:

    1) Almost all girls get pregnant at some time or another anyway, you will too. 

    2) The older you get the harder it is to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy, so it’s best to start as young as possible.  Don’t wait around! 

    3) Every man secretly desires a barefoot, stay-at-home housewife - and the quickest way to get that job is to get his baby in you. 

    4) Condoms suck.  Nobody wants to use them. 

    5) Risky sex is more passionate and more intimate than protected sex.  If you’ve never tried it, you’ve never had real sex. 

    6) A man that is afraid of risky sex is a man that’s afraid of being with you forever.  If he won’t give you his cum, he’ll never give you his heart.

    7) If he told you that he doesn’t mind pulling out, he’s lying.  All men want to cum inside.  It’s always better.  Let him have a treat. 

    8) Literally every part of your body was designed to get pregnant.  It’s what being a girl is all about.  If you don’t try it, you’re not a real girl. 


    I need unprotected sex


    A perfect post in my opinion!


    I really need to be bred I wanna mother something so bad


    Free cum is always on tap. Use it.


    When we make a baby, I want it to be raw, desperate animal need, primal urges overtaking our higher brains, until we’re lost in each other’s pheromones and bodies and our most basic need to breed. I want to be pinned under him, legs spread wide, wide open so he can get deep inside me. I want him to growl and snarl like a beast as he ruts into me while I cry and beg, my words quickly turning into wordless pleas. I miss ovulating every month, going into heat like the needy little fuckbitch that I am. Being so needy for cock my judgment actually gets hazy.

    When we make a baby, I want it to be with a primal ferocity and desperation that scares both of us a little.