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looking for like minded folks into jacking and jilling and mutual masturbation.

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    Perfection is so right! I LOVE seeing the clear, sticky wetness ooze from her PERFECT pretty wet cunt whenever her muscles contract, and hearing her reaction as it oozes from her and drips down and coats her hot lockable ass is soooooooooooooo fucking hot!

    I love being with girls that get this wet 😎 and I love teasing them and watching their overheated needy CUNT react just as hers is reacting 😎

    Mine reacts similarly as well 🤫☺️🤫


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    He bragged about how he cums hard and produces a really big load .  .  . I had to challenge him ~ so he took it out and I wills ay a tad larger than average but really a pretty handsome cock .  .  . stroking for some time and I asked whats wrong? He suggested I give him some motivation so i slipped off my summer dress and pulled my panties aside and started touching myself .  .  . my juices started to run and I figured one way or another I was going to have to fuck him. The he stared to get close, his eyes rolling closed his stroking stronger and faster, settle moans and ah’s .  .  . then it happened, he fired off a glob of cum that splattered over my head and down my prone body and onto the floor in front of me .  .  . then another, I leaned forward and his cum pelted my formed  and another shot, cum dripping down my face  .  .  . I began to giggle “wow, you are amazing” and still more shots although diminishing in volume he was amazing. And me, i was drench in the biggest load any one man had ever given me.