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    Swedish Tables' board, found aboard the Warship Vasa, before 1627

    When the Vasa was salvaged, a well-preserved board game used by the officers was found in the stern of the ship. The find sparked interest in the 400-year-old game Swedish Tables, a variant of backgammon.

    Swedish Tables is played on a standard backgammon board with two dice, fifteen white checkers and fifteen black checkers. The board has twenty-four triangular squares, known as points, along the edge. The squares are alternately light and dark to make the moves easier. In the middle of the board there is usually a wall or ledge that divides the board into four quarters with six points each.

    The artistic appearance of traditional Swedish boards differs slightly from that of modern backgammon boards. The checkers usually have a diameter of about 50 millimeters (2 inches). The board is rectangular, with the long sides being twice as long as the ends. The bar is divided into two separate parts. The dark triangular fields are usually red, the light ones yellow and the background of the board green.