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2020-05-30 18:02:32

    β€œ<>...Gurira beat out Avengers: Infinity Warβ<>€™s Chris Hemsworth, Jurassic World s<>tar Chris Pra<>tt, Deadpool 2’s Ryan Reynolds, and her Black Panther co-<>star, Chadwick Boseman, for the honor.”

    β€œThank you for affirming tha<>t women and girls, when they are given the chance to hang with the boys<>, can hang with the best of them…”

    This is big ya’ll. Like really big.


    I’m so mad because this worked

    help me roger

    Reblogging myself because… what was that? Five minutes?


    ………my friend has made me curious

    help me roger

    Update: after I reblogged this someone messaged me offering me tickets to the sold out Hausu screening with a Q&A and autograph session with the director

    These never work for me, but here’s to trying.

    • I don’t believe in these things
    • But last time I reblogged one ten/fifteen minutes later I got a call offering me a job
    • But I reblogged it because I was waiting on hearing back from the job. So there you go.
    • Roger is cute.

    Eh Roger is cute I might as well

    That fish is so happy it makes me happy.

    Reblogging myself because I reblogged this yesterday and got promoted today!

    oh what the hell…lol.


    this is important


    Roger please work your magic I need it now more than ever.

    If you know me then you know I believe in pretty much nothing but my life is pretty god damn empty right now so do your fucking magic Rodger.

    Fuck it, Roger do your thing

    Look at his happy little face!

    I need all the luck I can get so…

    Lets see πŸ˜€πŸ˜