NSFW - be warned! Male, black, Seoul, Korea. 자지엄청큰흑인남자, 서울, 27. 한국어 좀 잘해. jajisobig 태그 = 내사진/영상. 틱톡 - fuckity, 라인 - itsgonnabe 인종차별말하면 조용하고 차단할꺼야. 2016년이야, 1920아냐. 질문있음 물어봐도되요 **내사진/영상만올려** Male, black, Seoul, Korea. I tag my pics and vids with my ID. Questions? Just ask

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2017-12-11 14:48:20

    welcome back bro

    Welcome back bro!!!  I bet the reason you came back is you collected a lot of videos and photos.So, I guess It’s time to give us some samples. huh?? lol I’m kidding.  thanks for letting us know you’re well. I just wanted to know your news or something.  anyway, The point is!!!!   Oh lord, Please have mercy on us with your collections.


    She doesn't accept messages. Could you personally ask?

    I'm guessing you still mean jyoung52? The reason I havent posted anything of her is because she EXPLICITLY asked me not to. So unless she shares pictures or videos herself, or sends you directly, I cant help you. Sorry!