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    I don’t know who made this, and I think out of all new Trek the Abrams stuff is the most off in tone and content, but God bless them. When I say I’m a fan of Star Trek, it means I’m a fan of Star Trek. There’s stuff that’s better and worse. There’s stuff that’s more or less enjoyable. But I like STAR TREK.

    The only drawback is the family guy formatting, but this was a good scene anyway.

    someone on r/legaladvice was sick of their coworker stealing their food out of the fridge so they started labeling it “POISON - DO NOT EAT” in sharpie on both the bag and the food’s wrapper every day and the person still kept stealing it so after a week they added a bunch of laxatives to their food and the thief had to go to the hospital and could possibly sue OP. the general consensus was that OP was technically objectively in the wrong from a legal standpoint but there is 0% chance of them being convicted in criminal court because that would require finding 12 jurors who would rule in favor of someone stealing food labeled “POISON - DO NOT EAT” and then getting poisoned


    Have we ever discussed the fact that 2001 - 2012 Disney channel’s shows all had strong female leads, with the exception of Zack and Cody but they had a black man in charge, a smart poor white blonde girl and a dumb rich Asian so still beautifully diverse.

    Disney was 100% female empowerment and showed diversity. Who did they employ to create the shit they have today?


    Of the shows with girls as leads, two of them were POC and their heritage was actively acknowledged throughout the show. We have a Wizards of Waverly Place episode featuring a quincenera and we have That’s So Raven, which actually did a lot to talk about body image and addressed the issue of antiblack racism.


    Not to mention Zack and Cody had a working single mother (a divorcee at that!!) who was respected, strong, and amazing. Also a PoC bellhop who was a crucial role and in nearly every episode, and whose heritage was always known and respected. That’s So Raven had a lovely and diverse cast of friends/family, tackled topics that every teenager faces, like stress from school and work, body positivity and racism that runs in our country, all while still having banter that was classic in Disney. This also doesn’t even brush on the animated series that Disney had at this time, like Lilo and Stitch, The Proud Family, Kim Possible, and American Dragon Jake Long, which all had either strong female leads, PoC, or a mix of both.

    “Suicide is just a moment. This is how she described it to me. For just a moment, it doesn’t matter that you’ve got people who love you and the sun is shining and there’s a movie coming out this weekend that you’ve been dying to see. It hits you all of a sudden that nothing is ever going to be okay, ever, and you kind of dare yourself. You pick up a knife and press it gently to your skin, you look out a nineteenth-story window and you think, I could just do it. I could just do it. And most of the time, you look at the height and you get scared - You think about how sad it would’ve been if you never got to see that movie, and you look at your dog and wonder who would’ve taken care of her if you had gone. And you go back to normal. But you keep it there in your mind. Even if you never take yourself up on it, it gives you a kind of comfort to know that the day is yours to choose. You tuck it away in your brain like sour candy tucked in your cheek, and the puckering memory it leaves behind, the rough pleasure of running your tongue over its strange terrain, is exactly the same. The day was hers to choose, and perhaps in that treetop moment when she looked down and saw the yard, the world, her life, spread out below her, perhaps she chose to plunge toward it headlong. Perhaps she saw before her a lifetime of walking on the ruined earth and chose instead a single moment in the air.”

    — Carolyn Parkhurst, The Dogs of Babel


    you know what trope pisses me off the most? when the protag is pointing a gun at somebody and they’re like “you won’t do it. you’re too good” and the person holding the gun is like oh shit i am and they slowly lower the gun while the other person laughs. WHAT THE FUCK. if i were there, and somebody told me “you won’t do it” i would immediately shoot them dead without hesitating. who are you to tell me what i wont do. musty bitch


    Keep in mind that there is almost always a third option, most especially when the person talking is vague about what, precisely, it is that you “won’t do.”

    If it’s noodles, pour them on your sister instead of on her computer, or if the noodles are quite hot, pour them on her pillow or in a great spattering arc around her room.

    If you have a supervillain at gunpoint and *they* say you’re “too good” and “won’t do it,” shoot them in the leg/foot or the shoulder. The former allows them to think they’re right while you lower the gun only to be confronted with sudden understanding and regret when you blow their metatarsals to kingdom come, while the latter is instant and avoids giving them even a moment’s satisfaction or any time to charge you while you’re lowering the gun to shoot them in the leg.

    Door Number Three usually exists and is often your friend. Endeavor to cultivate awareness thereof.


    Ethical dillemas are rarely reducible down to a clear binary.


    This series of posts reads like a drunken discussion between Wade, Colossus and Negasonic