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    Something new I'm trying....

    Hi everyone.

    First of all, thank you for following me and appreciating my work. I'm really grateful to all of you and it's always a treat to hear from you people. Please feel free to text me, kink or otherwise (I'll use my discretion)

    Now to the update, it's a travel week for me. By this I mean, along with a bunch of collogues I have travelled to a different continent for work. It's a week long trip and as per my company policy I'll be sharing room with a colleague of mine. He's pretty new (joined recently) and isn't aware of my tummy/digestion issues.

    What I'm planning is to make a series of updates where I'll be posting here as and when I'll be getting time of how things are going. I'm hoping you guys would enjoy.


    1. The Journey & My First Day

    The flight was a pretty long one and I wasn't feeling the best but somehow I kept myself together and made to the hotel that was assigned to us. I got to know that I was going to share room with “Xavier”. Xavier here, is still new to us as he joined few months back and isn’t really aware of my tummy/digestive issues, and that was really bothering me. I was worried that I might just embarrass myself.

    We settled in but things weren't looking good for me. We went out for lunch where we had some tortellini and beer. My tummy, I guess didn't like the food or it just hates me. It has started making me feel uneasy and I decided to go back to the room while the rest decided to explore the city. Xavier came back a few minutes later. He told me he really tired from the flight and has decided to stay back. I was grateful that my tummy wasn't making much of a noise. It's hardly audible to me so I am hoping it's inaudible to him as well. He was watching something on his computer

    I tried sleeping it off but my tummy had different plans for me. It started cramping and it felt like the pain was there to stay. I think Xavier was getting pretty suspicious, he kept stealing glances but said nothing. Luckily my stomach didn't make any noise and the travelling as well as the jetlag knocked Xavier off. Nearly all of us skipped dinner and I had the entire night by myself.

    In the morning, we decided to order in the breakfast because we were meeting the clients for and early lunch. I skipped the breakfast and decided on drinking just the coffee because my tummy was already bloated from yesterday’s lunch and I knew I would have to eat with the clients. The pain wasn’t bad, it was mellow and bearable for which I was grateful. We still had few hours to spare and I decided to work on the presentation while the other also got busy with work.

    An hour before the meeting I decided to get dressed. I could see that my lower belly has already bloated, there’s gurgling in there which didn’t feel good. I decided to just ignore it but a sudden cramp knocked me off. Xavier was in the shower so I decide to let my guards down.

    I don’t know how and when Xavier came. He told me that he found me curled up in the bed once he was out of the shower. I didn't even know when he was done, I was moaning out loud, tears streaming down my face. He ran to me and placed his cold hands on my tummy. I was shocked but he just smiled and asked me to let him help. He kept rubbing my tummy and kept telling me it’s going to be okay.

    We didn’t have much time at hand. He rubbed my tummy for few more minutes and then helped me up. He decided to walk me out towards the car and held my hand the entire time. When we reached the building, we were ushered inside the dining area were we had our lunch. After the lunch, I could feel my tummy sticking out and by now the cramps where totally knocking me off. I was grateful that I wouldn’t be the one making the presentation today

    The room where the meeting was to be held was dark which made it a bit easy for me. I felt a hand creeping under my sweater and I saw Xavier smiling at me. He gave me a small nod and whispered, “Just act normal, I know this would make you feel better.” I didn’t know how to react but I kept quiet and relaxed under his touch. It went on like that for almost an hour after which the meeting was finished. We were assigned our work space in there for our time with the to go through the paperwork’s and everyone headed to their places. Xavier stuck with me as he came as a replacement of my secretary. As soon as we were behind the doors he pulled me too himself and placed his hands over my sweater asking me permission. I nodded my head and his hands went under my sweater. He pressed his hands against the warm skin of my tummy making me squirm beneath him from all the pains that were building in my tummy.

    A cacophony of gurgles result from the pressure he was putting. “What’s going on?” he asked. “My stomach... really hurts. Please don't press on my-uhh. N-Nnno…” I moaned out. Horrible cramps were tearing through my middle, burbling as the skin grew tighter and tighter. Tears welled up my eyes I could barely speak, my stomach was cramping horribly.

    I had to get back to work and finish the paperwork. Xavier offered to do the work but he knew he couldn’t do much. He understood and told me to work while he promised to take care of my tummy. I liked his touch on my tummy and it was making me smile involuntarily. It took me hours before which I was finally done. Xavier all through had me sat on his lap while his hands worked over my tummy. The pain has subsided from all the rubbing and caressing Xavier was doing. I smiled gratefully as we headed out.

    To be continued….

    Would anyone want to talk about tummyaches...theirs, mine or someone elses...anyones for that matter. We can share stories, experiences, ideal scenarios, etc.

    I am just wanting to meet people who have similar likes and would want talk about them but have no one to talk.

    Please feel free to DM me or send Anon texts. I'm looking forward to hear from atleast a few of you

    My favorite pregnancy/birth scenarios (in fiction ofc):

    • Someone being so overdue and heavy with twins or a large baby that they have trouble with walking anywhere. Bonus points if they have to use stairs to get where they need to go. I also really like it when they need to hold onto walls/railing/furniture to help them stay upright.

    • Going into labor in a hostile/captive environment.

    • Giving birth to a baby that's so big, another person has to press on the belly as they push. Also works with a person who is exhausted from birth denial and needs help getting the baby out.

    • When the baby drops very low and feels like it might fall out as they walk or stand.

    • Having to hold the head back with their hand as they desperately try to find a safe place to give birth. This also goes well with the whole hostile situation thing.

    • Being forced to work while heavily pregnant. Bonus if the work is hard and triggers labor.

    • Hiding the fact that they're in labor from a particular person/people until they feel safe enough to openly moan and rock their hips. Doesn't have to be anything hostile. Could just be in a public space and they try to hide the labor until they get home.

    • Water breaking late in birth immediately followed by overwhelming urges to push.

    • Pushing when they can't or shouldn't push at all.

    • Rough, hard sex that induces labor.

    • Cupping/holding the belly. Especially when it's big and low. Great if a partner is doing this too!

    I'll probably think of more some other time. I also welcome asks if you guys wanna tell me your favorite scenarios!

    I've been working from home these days and still my tummy hasn't stopped bothering me. Even right now I'm trying to get few things done but the terrible pains make it impossible for me to work.

    I don't even know what is bothering it this much. It might be the fried chicken that I inhaled for yesterday's lunch. But I am not even sure anymore.

    These days almost anything and everything can trigger really bad tummyaches. Even as I type this again and again I have to slip my hands under my hoddie to rub my aching tummy.

    How much I wish to have a s/o who would be more than happy to rest their hands on my aching belly and rub is continuously as I try and get done with my work.

    Please share you tummyache experiences with me. You can either DM me or send me anon asks. Hope to hear from you. Maybe hearing your story my give me some warmth.

    Writing About Birth

    (from someone who’s been to more than a hundred of them)

    1. labor is not nonstop pain from start to finish. It comes in waves. For most of active labor, your character will have a one minute long contraction followed by a 3-5 minute break

    2. people very rarely scream their way through labor. labor sounds are typically what you might think of as ‘work’ sounds: moaning, groaning, grunting.

    3. birth looks absolutely nothing like it does in tv and movies. nothing.

    4. labor starts with water breaking in only about 10 percent of pregnancies. contractions usually come first, and most people’s water doesn’t break until they’re pushing.

    5. there are three phases of labor. 1st stage: onset of labor until 10cm dilated, 2nd stage: pushing until baby’s born, 3rd stage: from the birth of the baby to the birth of the placenta.

    6. for a first timer (or a ‘primigravida’), labor is on average about 12-16 hours long

    7. labor typically starts with weak contractions 10-20 minutes apart from each other, that may not be in a regular pattern. they will grow closer together and stronger until they’re coming every three minutes or so, and then will stay about that time apart right up until the very end.

    8. if your character is having an unmedicated birth then they will have a strong spontaneous urge to push. they will not need a room full of doctors and support people shouting ‘push’ at them

    9. typically, people most prefer warm, dim, comfortable environments for their birth

    10. people feel almost instantaneous relief after birth. although after a few minutes they will start to feel some milder cramping as the placenta is born.

    11. before the forties and fifties, hospital births were pretty rare, and most births were attended by midwives or ‘yarb doctors’

    12. your character will call their midwife or head to the hospital when they’re having minute long contractions that are regularly five minutes apart.

    13. when given the option, most people prefer to labor on all fours, walking, forward leaning, or side lying.

    14. people are perfectly capable of walking during labor. once or twice ive even seen a person walking with their baby’s head already hanging out of their bodies. they do not need to be carried everywhere.

    15. light bleeding during active labor is not uncommon, nor is it a cause for concern (light = a couple of drops running down the legs)

    16. if you want your character to have a true birth emergency, might i recommend a placental abruption or a cord prolapse?

    17. tearing is not uncommon, but in the absence of “purple pushing”* it’s not as common as you may believe. there are four degrees of tears. First degree tears are typically left unsutured or given just one of two stitches to hold them together (think: biting the inside of your cheek really hard). Second degree tears almost always require suturing. If your character had an epidural, then this will be done in the immediate postpartum. If they have not, then the midwife or doctor will use a numbing medication, likely lidocaine, to numb the area first. a third or fourth degree tear is more complicated, and involves the rectum. in these cases, a doctor may choose to take your character to an OR for a surgical repair, or they may evaluate the situation and continue with a typical minor surgery repair. 

    18. people are perfectly capable of eating during labor, although mostly people don’t have huge appetites, and many hospitals have policies preventing this in the case of an emergent caesarian. if someone is having a particularly long labor and their energy is flagging, you might give them tea with honey, juice, or broth to give them a bit of a boost.

    19. a simplified overview of the process of labor is that during the first stage, the cervix will dilate from completely closed to a hole 10cm in diameter. during the second stage, the contractions of the uterus put pressure on the baby, moving it down through the open cervix and into the birth canal. this typically happens pretty slowly (especially for a first timer) and it is not unusual for someone to push for an hour or two with their first baby. the third stage follows the birth of the baby, and usually consists of a bit of a break and then some very mild contractions as the placenta is separated from the uterine wall and then is pushed out.

    20. ‘crowning’ is not when the head becomes visible, but rather when the widest diameter of the head emerges from the birth canal (just about at the level of the eyebrows)

    21. typically a baby is born head first, with its face looking back towards your character’s spine. however, babies can be born feet first or butt first (breech), or have wonky things like a hand next to their head.

    22. if you want to give your character an extra painful labor, make their baby ‘sunny side up’, which is when the baby is facing towards your character’s stomach, rather than their spine. this causes lots of back pain that persists even in between contractions.

    23. most (although definitely not all) people find it relieves the pain to have someone push very hard on their sacrum during contractions, or to squeeze their hips. Water is also a massive pain reliever during births

    24. if your character has an epidural, they will be bed bound, and will not feel much of anything from about the ribs down. this can make things very chill for them. lots of people take naps, watch tv or read, or hang out with their families while in active labor with an epidural

    25. even though they might not feel the pain, someone with an epidural will still be working very hard while pushing (think: sweating, grunting, etc.) and will usually feel a lot of pressure as the baby’s born.

    26) it is not uncommon for the baby’s cord to be wrapped around its neck. the doctor or midwife will feel around the baby’s neck after the baby’s head is born to see if there’s a cord there, and will quickly pull it over the head to relieve any pressure if there is a wrap.

    27) newborn babies are covered in amniotic fluid, vaginal discharge, vernix (a thick natural moisturizer with a cheesy texture), and sometimes blood. 

    28) newborn babies are adorable, don’t get me wrong, but they also look like little aliens

    Okay, there’s a lot of stuff i didn’t include on here, but this post is already getting out of hand. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about birth, or if you’re looking for someone to beta your birth scene, i would be delighted to help!

    *purple pushing is the practice of a care provider telling someone to push when they have no urge to. should not be practiced except in cases of a true emergency where the baby needs to be born right this minute, although it is still frequently practiced in many hospitals.

    I love boys that moan and cry when they have tummy aches. Boys that don’t pretend to be tough or pretend like they’re not in pain, ones that shuffle up to you with their arms around their bellies and lean into your chest mumbling “my tummy hurts” or “I don’t feel so good.” Boys that don’t stifle their cries when a bad cramp hits their belly, or pull up their shirt to show you their bloated tummy to silently signal they want a belly rub. Just soft boys with sick tummies 💖

    Winters make my tummy aches worse🤰🥺

    “Please, it hurts so bad, please help me. I-I can’t take it, please make it stop, it’s too much”

    UGHH my belly is so upset I actually can’t deal with it. I've so much work but I couldn't get anything done. My senior is going to get really mad it my stomach continues to be like this.

    I’ve never felt like this before. I've so much work to do but I am bloated that my stomach is in so much agony. I had to change in my jumper and discard my work along my underwear because literally everything is making my belly hurt more. There are sudden cramps stabbing my stomach. My tummy's really upset,I really don’t feel good. My lower belly is rock hard and just aches. Pressing even slightly triggers the spasms. It hurtssssss.

    I need someone to gently massage my tummy and just hold it together for me while I writhe and moan along with getting the designs done.