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    I think like, the death of Vine and Rabbit, Wikipedia constantly needing to beg for money, Discord depending so heavily on venture capital, Facebook turning towards spying on users to generate a return on all the venture capital that got them started, Adobe creative suite turning into a subscription rather than a single product you buy, the strangulation of streaming entertainment as every company pulls their content and makes it exclusive to their service, are all great examples of how like, it really doesn't matter if something is legitimately useful, efficient, or beloved, it is next to impossible for a service to exist if it doesn't make shareholders increasing amounts of money year after year. Which may seem like a "no duh" type of statement, but it's a very simple window into how the profit motive makes products and services worse, not better. And how that's not just a matter of certain companies or ceos being bad and greedy on an individual level, but is an inescapable factor of an economy where existence is dependent on generating capital.

    behold. my quite specific dni list

    dni if: you cannot do long division, play idol gacha games, like white chocolate, like anime men, have your permit/license, can ride a bike, use snapchat, take prozac, know what baldi's basics is, use ibis paint, listen to hozier, have over 400 followers, have never read an x reader fic, wear vans, your queue tag is a pun or a saying or whatever, are active on twitter, have considered moving from tumblr to twitter, have a nature aesthetic, don't think mcdonalds is good, can play rhythm games successfully, don't use a vpn, have remade more than once, can make gifs, don't know what sweet tea is, are under 5 feet, have never played an instrument at some point in your life, have ever made a "how about you get among some bitches"-esqe joke, rb people's promos but don't follow them, don't like broccoli, play/have played csgo, you know anything about astrology, your first name and last name start with the same letter, you have a car from the years 2004-2013, are good at first person shooters, main yellow in among us, don't know what the capital of belgium is, have never listened to pearl jam, are the first kid to be dropped off when you are being taken to school, wear contact lenses, like the feeling of velvet


    My favorite thing that’s ever happened in an art class is that this weird pen artist (who was notorious for a) drawing body horror and b) bringing bananas to class in the front pocket of his shirt) was once like “wait let me draw you” and proceeded to sketch the most fucked up charicature you’ve ever seen. He told me I had serial killer eyes and a nose that “looked too much like a nose”


    In early 2019 we went to an art competition together and at the end of the day we went to the convention hotel lobby and he drank seven consecutive cups of their complimentary lemonade while the front desk hostess looked on in silent woe


    Going to have to call this mf up and tell him that my followers want his whole ass I guess