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    I hate that people keep insisting that Kristen Stewart is a lesbian even though she's flat out said she's bisexual, that she sees sexuality as grey and fluid, that she's not strictly homosexual or heterosexual, and that she would definitely date a guy again; like the list goes on. I think it's the fact that she's also so visibly gnc and people still can't concieve that bisexuality isn't just gay lite? Like as much as she may "look" like a lesbian, she's a gnc bi woman and I think it's cool that there's that kind of rep bc a lot of the bi women the media puts in the spot light are mostly high fem. That doesn't mean that rep is meaningless but I can count on one hand the amount of andro/masc leaning bi women that are in the public eye.

    I also know the other reason why a lot of people keep labeling her as a lesbian is because she's visibly only been dating women recently, but you don't have to switch the gender of your s/o every other month to prove you're still bi like. That's elementary basics of bisexuality. Especially if said person in question, again, has stated several times that they're not a lesbian or straight... 🤔

    It’s almost like there’s a history (Freddie Mercury) of people (David Bowie) ignoring when people (Megan Fox) say they’re bisexual (Katharine Hepburn), and talking about them (Chuck Tingle) as if they’re definitely gay (Cynthia Nixon) or definitely (Lady Gaga) straight.

    I have (Billy) absolutely no idea (Joe) what you could possibly mean (Armstrong)

    Honestly if you want justification for why it’s important that English/Language Arts teachers make you break down exactly why a given sentence made you feel a given way, the fact that it’s now a point of basic political literacy to be able to tell when a headline is trying to make you angry, and at whom, and about what, is a pretty strong case in point.

    #When will I ever need to use this in real life?#every time you read the news#every time you read a historical article or watch a documentary#notice how you’re being manipulated

    We’re OK with letting them have this BAR though:

    Reblogging for the “shut the nazis down while they are being ‘nice’ before they escalate and become a more serious problem.”

    Don’t talk to bigots. Don’t ‘debate’ bigots. Don’t let them talk you into ‘having a civil conversation.’

    The worst atrocities in the world started with people downplaying the early warning signs.

    One of the first books I read in English as a kid, maybe 1 year after I started learning English, was a booklet with a title like, How to Have a Great Time at Summer Camp. I don’t remember the exact title and I know I only picked it up because the other books in English in my school’s library looked way beyond my level, stuff like Austen and Dickens. The summer camp booklet didn’t look too interesting but it was small with simple sentences. I ended up being fascinated with it because it was the most American thing I had ever seen and it felt impossibly exotic

    • all the kids had cool American names like Jill and Mike. One of them at one point talked about the “chipmunks” in the woods near the camp, a mysterious word that didn’t exist in my tiny English dictionary, and for some reason I pictured them as scrawny wolves. I had read Little House on the Prairie so I knew wolves were a major concern for Americans
    • camp “counsellors” were often mentioned, and my pocket English dictionary only defined that word as “psychologue”. I thought it was weird how American summer camps had dozens of psychologists roaming the premises, one for every 5 to 10 kids. That felt like a lot of psychologists
    • I had no idea that the word “pet” could mean “favourite”. When the booklet said one kid might become “the camp counsellor’s pet”, my dictionary helpfully led me to believe it meant that a psychologist would pick one unfortunate kid to be his domestic animal for the summer. Slightly disturbing. I moved on
    • the kids slept in “bunks” and my stupid dictionary only defined this word as “couche”. Which is not wrong, but we would probably say couchette instead, or better yet lits superposés, and couche is also our word for diaper so you can see why I continued being deeply intrigued by every new detail I learnt in this booklet. American kids are excited about camp because they get to sleep in diapers
    • I had never encountered the word “baseball” before but managed to guess it was some kind of sport, but when the booklet mentioned the “baseball diamond” (in the context of a kid saying the baseball diamond was big) I of course assumed it was an actual diamond that you could win if you won a game of baseball at camp. For some reason I had a debate with a classmate over the plausibility of this. I say for some reason because I didn’t really question the wolves or the psychologists with their human pets. A diamond though? Doubt. I just remember that we were queueing up for lunch and I was like “What do you think?” and my friend said hesitantly, “Maybe if it’s a small diamond?” and I insisted “No! The book says it’s big!”
    • among the basic items the book said every kid should bring to camp were “batteries”. I didn’t bother looking up that word in my dictionary seeing as it’s the same in French. I didn’t know it was a false friend, and I was impressed to learn that most American kids own a drum set and bring it to camp as an essential item
    • on the same page, in the list of things every kid should put in their suitcase for summer camp, another item was “comic books”. I wasn’t sure what those were since in French we call them BD, but basing myself on the word “comic” I assumed they were books of jokes and puns. I loved learning that in the US all kids bring humour anthologies to summer camp, presumably because they worry about running out of funny things to say. I thought American kids sounded nervous and sweet. But also really cool, because of all the drums

    I gotta say this is absolutely delightful and actually about as weird as summer camp is, even if you were slightly off on *how* it’s weird.

    <><>Star Wars:  Revenge of the Sith: “You’re breaking my heart.”

    aka:  I will FIGHT U that Hayden wasn’t the perfect choice for Anakin, because that is some A+ Unhinged Face, that’s a guy you’re supposed to be uncomfortable watching, you’re supposed to be on edge watching him because he is Not Right.

    @thewillowbends replied to your photoset: Star Wars:  Revenge of the Sith: “You’re breaking…

    I applaud Lucas’s insistence that Anakin be the most attractive when he is at his moral worst.

    I really am wholly onboard with this, all the more so because it’s exactly how Anakin Skywalker was meant to be portrayed–he’s the most beautiful of all the angels before he fell, that he had to be this beautiful before he was burned–and, as George says, he has to be burned up for what he did to the Republic, to the Jedi, to the children–to illustrate the tragedy of his fall even more.

    You see someone so attractive and bright and full of all this possibility and promise, someone who is gorgeous to look at, but he’s burning himself to ash and the physical handsomeness of Hayden in these scenes is there to be a further highlight to that fall into darkness and burned ashes.

    Allow me to add: Crazy Wild-Eyed Psychopath Who Committed This Giant Murder Spree For You Because He Cares is one of my favorite Anakin Moments. I think Hayden did a great job here. I always half-expect him to break into insane laughter; he’s so unhinged in this part. 

    YES, I LOVE HIS ACTING IN THIS MOMENT, TOO.  When I first watched it, I had this really uncomfortable feeling about it, like, I DO NOT ENJOY WATCHING THIS, and it was hard not to slide into the idea that it was Bad Acting because of it.

    But I think, instead, it’s uncomfortable and weird and awful because it’s supposed to feel uncomfortable and weird and awful.  You’re supposed to feel like you just watched someone that you cared about do horrible things and you’re not sure what he’s going to do next.  You’re supposed to feel deeply uncomfortable by someone who has become so deeply unhinged that he’s justifying the murder of children as “bringing peace to the Republic” and that they don’t have to run away because IT’S JUST FINE EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY FINE.


    You feel how brittle and fragile Anakin is in these moments, how desperately he clings to his ever-shifting justifications–”We don’t have to run away any more. I have brought peace to the Republic.“ he says one minute.  “I am more powerful
    than the chancellor. I- I can overthrow him.”  He is trying so hard to stumble his way through this, he trips over the words and stutters and, oh, it’s so awful and awkward because it’s supposed to be awful and awkward.

    And it’s supposed to feel like he’s just Trying Way Too Hard in this scene and I think it’s easy to forget that that’s exactly what’s going on here, but it’s not Hayden trying too hard, it’s Anakin that’s trying way too hard.

    It’s Anakin who desperately wants Padme to buy what he’s selling, it’s Anakin who desperately wants to convey this thing he feels so strongly about, it’s Anakin who is blatantly not actually believing it, but trying so, so hard to justify it and sell it to those around him.


    LOOK AT HIM.  This isn’t a guy who is comfortable in his own skin, this isn’t a guy who believes what he’s selling, this is a guy who is desperate for validation from Padme that he did it for her and that he was right.

    But then Padme backs away from him, doesn’t know him, he chokes her for disagreeing with him, for not fitting into his narrative, and Obi-Wan shows up and is like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, ANAKIN?  Obi-Wan’s “Your new Empire?” reaction, like he cannot fucking BELIEVE what he’s hearing, is perfect because that’s what we’re feeling as well, like, whoa, WHAT THE SHIT, ANAKIN, THIS IS NOT A GOOD ROAD, this is a deeply WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, ANAKIN? road!

    And literally like a minute later, “I have brought peace… freedom, justice and security to my new empire.“  What happened to the Republic that he was so passionate about protecting and killed the Jedi because they betrayed it?  It was just a desperate grab for a reason that the things he did weren’t horrible mistakes.


    We’re so used to expecting someone who is in control of their anger and how that’s expressed, that it’s a controlled unleashing of it finally when they pick up a stadium and threaten to drop it on everyone.  There’s a smoothness in the way most characters “finally breaks into being a villain and unleashes hell” acting that we expect a certain thing.

    But Hayden doesn’t deliver it as someone who is in control of this thing he’s unleashing.  He delivers it as someone who is genuinely unhinged and dangerous, like a gunman on a ledge with nothing left to live for and a whole cartridge full of bullets.  That thought hits a deeply visceral uncomfortable place, a cringe factor that I think it’s easy to mistake for bad acting, when instead it’s about showing that this isn’t some awesome FUCK YEAH moment, but a character who is breaking.

    And all the while he is SO PRETTY while he’s doing it, because this is an angel falling, because it reflects the beauty of who he was before, all that kindness that he had, all that desire to help people, his beautiful face was an extension of that, it was a representation of someone who was supposed to be a good person, but then chose to go down this horrible, horrible path.

    So, like, I appreciate this just on a purely aesthetic level because GOOD LORD HE IS SO PRETTY but I also appreciate it for what it gives to the story and what it says about Anakin’s journey, that Hayden was the perfect choice for Anakin and I WILL DEFEND HIM ALWAYS.