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    Arrabella doesn’t believe that by posting her pics and information about her on sissy sites like tumblr that she will get exposed. She thinks only people who are sissies and interested in sex will see them. How silly are you Arrabella?!

    The stupid slut doesn’t realise that as soon as those pics and details about her get reblogged they are on the internet forever and that she has lost control of them. She doesn’t understand that as pics get reblogged other people will also reblog and repost. Within days 100s of people will have viewed those pics and potentially reblogged them again and again and again. Not only that Arrabella but it isn’t just sissies who view and reblog but also other people - like very dominant men and cruel women who like exploiting vulnerable sissy faggots like you.

    You also begged for viewers to reblog your pics with tags like sissy faggot - that means your pics and info will appear on every search engine there is under those tags. Furhermore you don’t realise that those pics will not only be reblogged on tumblr but also on other sites like imagefap, xhamster and of course more public sites - the list is literally endless.

    Within a few weeks 1000s of images of your pics will be all over the internet. It is only a matter of time before people who know you Arrabella will see them and recognise you. Getting scared - or is your nipple of a clitty leaking now! Once that happens then they will tell their friends. Before long all your network of friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family will know exactly what you are - a sissy faggot slut.

    Arrabella - you are going to spend the rest of your life wondering if anyone you know has seen your sissy photos.You will be constantly wondering if friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues and everyone you know has seen them. You will now always be looking at them to see if there is any difference in the way they look at you or treat you - wondering if a snigger, a comment, a whisper, a giggle from them is because they have seen your photos and know what you are - a sissy faggot!

    You will now be worried that the next phone call, the next knock on the door, the next email and the next letter in the post is from someone who has viewed your sissy photos - soon you will be outed permanently - it’s too late to stop this now.

    You will not only be outed but very likely dom men and cruel women will have targetted you and have enough info from your pics to force you into becoming a public sissy whore for their pleasure. We all know that you secretly wanted this to happen - your fantasy is about to become that public reality and nightmare you never thought it would be.

    Once that happens your life will change forever and all because of a few pics of you dressed as a sissy and a couple of mouseclicks. Oh and by the way once you have sent those pics on tumblr there is no going back from the eventulity of all this. Aww is Arrabella getting frightened now - too late faggot - enjoy the shame and degradation you’ve brought upon yourself.


    Awwww poor little exposed sissy xx



    I want be sold off and auctioned for a weekend with all proceeds going to my mistress


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