Everyone in the group trying to get Ryan and Dylan together in disastrously different ways

    Laura teasing Ryan and saying shit like “hey I heard he got a new chest tattoo, I bet he looks great with it, don’t you think he’d look great?” and just calling him stuff like Romeo and loverboy when he’s talking about Dylan or staring at him

    Kaitlyn fake flirting with Dylan to make Ryan jealous, she also teases him in pretty similar way to Laura

    Jacob begrudgingly being apart of all of this because Ryan called him at 4am after realizing he’s actually super in love with Dylan

    Nick trying to be Dylans wingman but just failing so so much

    Abi actually talking to Ryan about his feelings and helping him while Ryan is there for her while she talks about her feelings for Emma

    Max being disaster wingman #2

    Emma suggesting that the gc has a sleepover just so they can play seven minutes in heaven, but seven minutes in heaven actually turns into “let’s put Ryan and Dylan in a closet so they can make out and then actually forget to unlock the closet because everyone’s a little bit too much vodka”

    Ryan and Dylan do end up getting together in that closet but they tell no one because at this point they just really want to see how far everyone will go

    [ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀʀᴇ ᴡᴇ? ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ] ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛꜱ

  • sparks when skin brushes skin
  • secret smiles
  • checking to see what they think
  • seeing an object and thinking of them
  • hugs that last a beat too long
  • looking for them in a crowd
  • holding hands and that's all they can think of
  • rubbing comforting circles into their skin
  • laughing more around them
  • friends pointing [it] out
  • acting without thinking then checking to see how they reacted
  • lighting up when you see them
  • inside jokes
  • leaving notes
  • signing off a written correspondence with a kiss or "love"
  • accidentally referencing them as "my"
  • nicknames
  • comfort in their presence
  • personal gifts
  • growing really close really quickly
  • knowing what they'll say
  • feeling a flutter after something they've done dozens of times
  • they start analyzing everything to guess if it's romantic or not
  • face turning red when they get too close
  • face turning red when they think of them
  • smiling more easily
  • glowing after a nice remark and having it pointed out
  • overanalyzing what others say about them both
  • thinking maybe...
  • requested by anon

    show, don't tell:

    - bouncing legs
    - darting eyes
    - breathing deeply
    - useless / mindless tasks
    - eyes on the clock
    - checking and re-checking

    - grumbling
    - heavy footsteps
    - hot flush
    - narrowed eyes
    - pointing fingers
    - pacing / stomping

    - eyes filling up with tears
    - blinking quickly
    - hiccuped breaths
    - face turned away
    - red / burning cheeks
    - short sentences with gulps

    - smiling / cheeks hurting
    - animated
    - chest hurts from laughing
    - rapid movements
    - eye contact
    - quick speaking

    - complaining
    - sighing
    - grumbling
    - pacing
    - leg bouncing
    - picking at nails

    - quick heartbeat
    - shaking / clammy hands
    - pinching self
    - tuck away
    - closing eyes
    - clenched hands

    - no eye contact
    - hard swallow
    - clenched hands
    - tears, occasionally
    - mhm-hmm

    - spacing out
    - eyes closing
    - nodding head absently
    - long sighs
    - no eye contact
    - grim smile

    - prolonged eye contact
    - appreciates instead of apologizing
    - active listening
    - shoulders back
    - micro reactions