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2023-06-03 12:30:43

    If Daddy put you in panties or Pull Ups and told you any accidents would result in punishment. How long do you think you could really hold it?

    It seems to vary from day to day for me, for whatever reason…on a good day (especially if I’m not doing a good job of staying hydrated), I could probably hold it for like 3-3.5 hours (that’s good, right?? 😅). If I’m not having such a good day, I might only be able to hold it for an hour max (especially if I’m well hydrated)…which kinda makes me feel extra blushy to admit, cause I totally used to be able to hold it for forever without ever even having to potty dance or anything 🥺🙈


    Does daddy ever feed you a bottle?

    Yup, my daddy @jay-saun has had me snuggle up with him for a bedtime bottle a few times before 🥰. It would probably be a more regular thing for us if we weren’t long distance and could see each other more often.

    I think bottle feeding can be such a simple, sweet way for littles and their CGs to bond, since letting your guard down enough to allow someone else to feed you a bottle can actually make you feel pretty vulnerable as a little (depending upon the little, of course). I’ve found that it’s very different from using a bottle or sippy cup by myself, and that I already need to be in littlespace before I can take a bottle from my daddy without feeling ridiculously silly/blushy about it.

    It’s definitely something I think I could get into having as a more regular bedtime staple (and my daddy probably could too, considering it kinda increases the odds of me having a certain type of accident that he has a particular affinity for 🙈), since doing things like that tends to help me relax and wind down at night-but I totally don’t have the willpower to enforce that type of thing for myself on my own, cause I’m a hardcore night owl without my daddy there to keep me in check 🦉🙃.


    After I read  @daddyslittlesnugglebunny2​ a bedtime story my little girl loves to snuggle up with her delicate head on my bare chest while I lovingly feed her a bottle. Seeing the security and calmness it brings to her is precious moment I will always cherish.


    My Daddy

    He makes me feel safe, seen, and whole.

    He makes me feel loved and desired for being the complex, quirky, passionate woman I am.

    He holds space for and embraces my inner little, in all her shy, silly, snuggly glory.

    He makes me feel grounded and present when I’m with him, while also nurturing the creative spark within me that keeps me filled with hopes and dreams.

    He is patient and kind, resilient and hardworking, trustworthy and humble.

    He is my daddy, and I love being his babygirl.

    Happy 2-year daddy/little-versary, @jay-saun! I’m so grateful that you’re the man I get to go on this amazing journey we’ve started together with, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next 🥰💗


    Happy second anniversary, my babygirl. I'm awestruck at how fortunate I am to have you in my life. Each day brings a renewed appreciation for the serendipity that led us here together. You are such a patient, kind, loving and understanding soul - an absolute princess sent from above. You have taught me so many invaluable lessons since we first found each other two years ago, and though the miles still separate us, our connection feels stronger than ever. Your talent is inspiring and your enthusiasm for life is contagious. For eternity I shall love and adore you my little one.


    When daddy saves you from a super blushy wardrobe malfunction while taking in the beautiful view @jay-saun 🙈🥰🏔️


    Poor little @daddyslittlesnugglebunny2 . She wanted to dress herself so bad. Good thing Daddy was around to give her a helping hand before we headed down to the hotel lobby .


    Do you find you’re self wetting while totally alseep or is it more on purpose when you’re awake?

    Ughh, this is such a blushy question

    Ummm ok, so I have maybe kind of had that happen while I was totally asleep…but most of the time, I wake up just enough to know I really have to go potty, then the mental part of my “bedwetting training” (as my daddy @jay-saun and I call it) kicks in and I remember that I don’t need to worry about going to the actual potty while I’m sleeping and that if I can’t hold it till morning, then I’ll just have something to tell daddy when I wake up that I know will make him really happy (which is a very strong motivator for me lol)…and in the super groggy, half asleep state I’m usually in during those moments, I don’t always end up being able to hold it and I wind up falling completely back asleep while it’s still happening 🙈

    Tbh though, I think staying dry during the day has been more of a problem for me lately

    (I know this looks like a staged accident, but it really wasn’t 😩🙈)

    It seems my blog has been shadow-banned…I can’t respond to any comments on my own posts, and I no longer have access to view messages sent to me (I can still receive asks though).

    Has anyone else had this issue recently? If so, does it seem worthwhile to try getting the issue fixed? I’m very reluctant to reach out to tumblr about this bc I really don’t want to get deleted again 😩

    I just need to vent for a second now, but please feel free to keep scrolling if you’re not in the mood to read that kind of thing.

    It’s been less than a year since my first blog of 7 years was deactivated without warning or explanation. Losing 16k followers and all of the content I created (and also reblogged from other lovely people in this community) over a 7 year period of my life in which I was first truly free to fully embrace/accept and explore my own inner littleness was pretty devastating. It’s taken me almost an entire year now just to reach a little over 9.5k followers, and I’ve still struggled with having posts flagged/hidden even with the new community guidelines and labels in place.

    I don’t understand why some blogs seem to get targeted over others in this community, and I find the whole thing to be really disheartening and upsetting. Ive never posted nudity (although that’s supposed to be ok to do now with community labels), I’ve never depicted myself performing sexually explicit acts, Ive never sold content or advertised any content on other platforms (bc I’m not on another platform), I’ve never even written about sexually explicit acts (although I have alluded to things on occasion). I know my blog is related to kink, but the content I create is a form of cathartic artistic expression for me. It means so much to me to be able to create content and share about this vulnerable part of my life with others in the community-I love the idea that even just one of my posts could help someone else feel a little less alone out there and/or help them understand and accept themselves a little more.

    I believe the world would be a better place if everyone could love and accept themselves for who they are instead of spending so much of their lives trying to deny or compartmentalize away their true desires/needs while filling the void that creates with whatever they think will make them content for the moment. That can’t happen if people are constantly being reminded that society doesn’t understand or accept them for who they are. That’s exactly the reminder I get each time I’m censored, shadow-banned, and deactivated here 😔💔